Refugees Fleeing Bombs…So Sad From the Colonial Powers: U.S., U.K., France, Israel, etc.

How Western wars and imperial exploitation have uprooted millions and created the immigration crisis

by TUT editor

ed note–like many things these days, it is indeed the ultimate ‘no-brainer’ that (at least as it pertains to those in the Middle East made refugees by all the murder and mayhem inflicted by the Judaized West) war and the immigration problem go as much hand in hand with each other as do cigarettes and lung cancer, and yet, so few are willing to face the reality of it, and of those, no one worse than the ‘white nationalists’ who, rather than gathering for protests in harnessing the popular discontent for their own country’s military invasions, instead coagulate in large groups with AR15s, Neo-Nazi regalia and growl about statues and the immmeeeegrayshun problem as being all about ‘white genocide’ and darkies raping wyyyte women’ rather than about Israel’s wars.

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