Israeli Officials Discussed Ways to Manipulate ‘Naive’ Kushner-Report

Israeli officials discussed ways to manipulate ‘naive’ Kushner — report

by TUT editor

People in Israel sought to leverage White House aide’s lack of experience and business interests in their favor, US officials tell Washington Post

ed note–Please juxtapose this highly-revealing information with the widely-asserted position rendered by certain ‘experts’ that Kushner was Trump’s ‘handler’ and that even before Trump had won the race for president, Kushner was already Israel’s  highly-trained, highly-effective, and highly-efficient ‘macher’ who was poised to steer Trump from the moment he had finished his swearing in on Inauguration Day.

Anyone eyeballing Kushner can see in a micro-second what he is–a weak-willed man living under the shadow of his powerful Father-in-law and equally powerful wife, no offense intended. With this in mind, it is obvious then that from day one of the entire Trump spectacle, he was a showpiece and a stage prop ‘proving’ Trump’s ‘bona fides’ on the Jewish issue as a means of circumventing all the usual noise that Jews utilize in bringing down a politico who has been deemed problematic with accusations of them of being Nazis, racists and, of course–drum role please– ‘anti-Shemites’.

Furthermore, what this report indicates is that Israel’s perception of Trump was that the only way the Jewish state was going to gain any headway with him was by altering the existing parameters through the use of ‘manipulation’ of someone close to him, something that obviously does not need to be done with someone who is already cooperative and pliable. Recall that George W. Bush was SURROUNDED by Neocons throught the entirety of his presidency and did not need to be squeezed by Israel in launching his murderous ‘war on terror’. Dittos with Obama, although to a lesser degree, but certainly proved in Obama’s handling of events in Libya, Syria, the ‘Arab Spring’ and the creation of ISIS.

Of particular interest in this story is the fact that Israel saw pressure points that could be used in maneuvering Kushner in the right direction, one of them being the ‘financial difficulties’ cited in this report which obviously implies the use of bribery and blackmail. The ‘wide web of business interests around the world’ which Israel sought to ‘leverage’ means that Netanyahu planned on squeezing those involved in these interests in putting the screws to Kushner if he did not acquiesce to Israel’s demands.

Once again, sadly, the ‘truth movement’ failed on this one. Read more of this post

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