‘Halloween’for Jews: Purim

Purim–The History behind the ‘Halloween’ for Jews

by TUT editor

ed note–a few things worth nothing here–

As our esteemed Hebraic writer notes, it is indeed an ‘Hebraic’ holiday. As discussed here many times as of late, Purim’s bloodlust did not begin with the Talmud and predates the arrival of Jesus Christ by several hundred years. In fact, as the article makes clear, there was Talmudic resistance against Jews celebrating Purim (probably due to the fears that its bloodlust nature would make Jews suspect and thus awaken Gentile enmity towards Jews as a group) and it can be responsibly theorized that some ‘compromise’ was eventually devised whereby it would be celebrated but with costumes and fun as a means of hiding its truly violent underpinnings.

Nor is it a ‘Khazar’ thing. It is a ‘Torah’ thing, which means that anyone running to the defense of the Old Testament as the ‘word of God’ has no business condemning Purim. Rather, such ‘experts’ should be defending the slaughter of 75,000 Persians as recounted in that story in the same manner as they also claim that the Canaanites and others whom the Hebrews were ordered to massacre, specifically leaving ‘nothing alive that breathes’, were doing ‘the Lord’s work’ and were therefore blameless. Read more of this post

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