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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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Top Stories
 Florida Senator Bill Nelson: I Will Only Vote for a Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Nominee
 Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski Wants a Pro-Abortion Nominee Like Justice Kennedy
 Abortion Activist: A Pro-Life Woman on the Supreme Court is “Not a Victory for Women”
 Actor Nick Loeb Now Shooting New Roe v. Wade Movie: The Story of What Really Happened

More Pro-Life News
 Abortion Activists Trash Possible SCOTUS Nominee Amy Barrett’s Catholic Views: “She’s a Dangerous Religious Extremist”
 Polling Data Shows Americans Oppose Roe v. Wade Decision That Allows Virtually Unlimited Abortions
 Pro-Life Leader Says Judges Amy Barrett and Thomas Hardiman are Trump’s Best Possible SCOTUS Picks
 Abortion Activists Send Republican Susan Collins Coat Hangers to Urge Vote Against Supreme Court Nominee
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MSNBC Demands Democrats Refuse Any SCOTUS Nominee Who May “Go After Abortion”

Iowa Supreme Court Rules There’s a Constitutional Right to Kill Babies in Abortions

Guam is Now Abortion Free After the Last Abortionist Retires

Manager Tried to Fire Mom Who Couldn’t Come to Work Because Her Son is On Life Support

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How Can We Celebrate Freedom on Independence Day if Unborn Babies Aren’t Free From Abortions?

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