Zionist Israel Represents the Zionist Rothschilds-Synagogue of Satan Illuminati

How They Do It– ‘The West hates Israel because it preserves its borders’

by TUT editor

My Comment:  These are all Rothschild Zionist Tactics.

ed note–once again, the lunatic Giulio Meotti who never fails to amaze in the depth of his madness.

A few things worth noting–

1. The ‘West’–like every other Gentile location throughout the world–‘hated’ the ‘Jewish state’ long before immeeeegrayshun were ever an issue, and the reason (s) for that hatred are rooted completely in the criminal nature of Judaic thinking and its attending Judaic behavior,


2. The ‘immeeeegrayshun’ problem is in and of itself the direct result of deliberate Judaic sabotage of those nations in the West, most notably as a result of the various wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, etc, which the Jews orchestrated for the benefit of Israel. Read more of this post

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