Dossier on Robert Mueller, CROOKED Cop EXTRAORDINAIRE! (Works For Rothschild Zionists & is a ZIONIST Himself)

Image result for robert muellerImage result for robert muellerImage result for robert muellerImage result for robert muellerImage result for robert muellerImage result for robert muellerDirty Cop Who Should Be Jailed!  Covered Up Massive Pedophile Ring in 1989 (The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant &/or The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp) & Covered Up Saudi/British Involvement in 9/11.  Why does he do this?  He is a ZIONIST/ISRAEL FIRSTER WITH NO LOYALTY TO AMERICA!

Hillarys Peril

Hillary’s Peril Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been participants in the CIA’s mkultra program (now known as marathon). This website highlights an incident perpetrated by Hillary against former CIA mind control slave ~ Cathy O’Brien.

Can See Letter to Robert Mueller Begging him to investigate the Franklin Case.  He declined.  After all, he is part of the Zionist Khazar Rothschild Mafia that Satanic Mob that rapes & murders children.

Page From Finders Report (Above)

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See all imagesThe Franklin Cover-Up (Paperback)

Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up

1994, CONSPIRACY  –  

Robert Mueller | Israel Did 911

FBI Director Robert Mueller must be arrested and interrogated about the cover-ups … Can we really separate Judaism from Zionism? Gilad Atzmon–Can we separate …


of course Mueller is Jewish,,a Zionist
I am ashamed ashamed of Mueller the american Bolshevik
I am ashamed of jews who plot and kibitz against a sitting president
you will never be american , you should move to Israel 
zionism= satanism


It does seem like a cabal of pro-Hillary Zionists want absolute control of US foreign policy. They are behind the vicious New McCarthyism now smearing General Michael Flynn. What is ” progressive ” about World War III with nuclear power Russia and the rotten New Colonialism in the Middle East ?

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  • Ted Gunderson Talk on How Corrupt the FBI had Become Under Robert Mueller, Special Counsel to Take Down President Trump

    My Comment:  At 58 Minutes he speaks About FBI & CIA crooked games and setting people up to throw them in prison.

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