World Cup In Gaza

The World Cup on one leg on the Gaza border

by TUT editor

MONDOWEISS – Even though France’s first encounter with its Australian rival won’t be held at the World Cup till tomorrow, Frenchman Antoine Griezmann scored two goals yesterday. But not in any Russian stadium– about 750 meters away from the barbed wire between Israel and Gaza.

The real blonde-haired Griezmann was represented by his number 7 blue shirt, worn by the 25-year-old Rami Jendia, who played for a Gaza sport club in a simulation match of the World Cup, held at “Malaka”, the base camp for the Great March of Return protests in Gaza. In the simulation, 14 amputee players played who had lost a leg from Israeli fire either from the weekly marches that began March 31, or from three wars on Gaza over the past decade.

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TUT editor | 06/17/2018 at 9:34

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