Catholic WW2 Genocide of Serbia

The Catholic WW2 Genocide of Serbia – the Most Savage of Our Age – UK, US, Vatican Covered It Up Postwar

This was a real holocaust, not a fake Jewish one – killing over a million Serbs (out of a population of 8 million), and in the most brutal and pyschopathic way possible. It was largely motivated by the Catholic Church’s, and the UK’s (controlled by Jewish finance), goal of destroying Orthodox Christianity in Europe.

This is history everyone should know, but especially every European, and every Christian. It has been largely covered up until recent years.(History of the Orthodox People) Tue, Jul 21, 2020 | 12500 words 3,688  95

The original title of this article is:  The West’s Long War Against Serbia and the Paradox of Yugoslav History

That these deception operations are little known or publicly debated is a mark of their success. Though covert operations often produce spectacular results, one of their essential qualities is that the origins of the events remain secret – that the historical credit or blame falls on the innocent, on people acting independently, or even better, on mere chance. The very fact that a covert operation is known to have been run by an intelligence agency marks it as a significant failure.
From Desperate Deception, British Covert Operations in the United States 1939- 1944, by Thomas E. Mahl

The West’s Long War against Serbia is a history of the grandest deception of World War Two and a vast international post war open conspiracy of Great Britain, the Vatican, United States, Germany, and the rest of the West to cover up the most savage genocide in modern history. A project so important that Winston Churchill initiated it and personally oversaw its operation.

Who control the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the pastGeorge Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984

The Serbian Orthodox flag

As George Orwell advised us, who controls the future controls the past, who controls the present controls the past. And no country’s past in the modern era has been more controlled, concocted, and propagandized than Yugoslavia and Serbia. The accepted history of Yugoslavia was authored by the British, both governmental and institutional authors and their Titoist allies in Yugoslavia. The immediate purposes of this false history was straightforward – obscure and cover up the history of the Roman Catholic Church inspired Serbian Holocaust, in which 700,000 to 1,000,000 Serbs, Jews, and Romas were murdered in the most psychopathic manner ever recorded.

These casualty figures do not include more hundreds of thousands of Serbs killed in the British inspired civil war that served as their mechanism for covering up the Serbian Holocaust. The ultimate purposes of the false history was to save the Roman Catholic Church for the Cold War, a war the British were planning early on as the Second World War played out.

At the appointed hour, a bearlike, rumpled –looking man is a gray suit, whose unfamiliar face would have caused few people on earth to take a second glance, was ushered into the pope’s modest office in the Vatican. A fervent Catholic who attended mass almost every day, a man whose house was filled with statues of the Virgin Mary, a believer who would soon be engaged in prayerful contemplation with the pope himself, William Casey, the director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, had arrived on a distinctly earthy mission…

These two men, one hailed by millions as the prince of light, the other derided by many as the prince of darkness (including this author as William Casey, the fervent Catholic was the key American official in the Ratlines operation that saw the Vatican with British and American intelligence help smuggled tens of thousands of war criminals out of Europe after World War II) would meet perhaps a half dozen more times before communism would crumble first in the pope’s beloved Poland, then in Eastern Europe, and finally the Soviet Union itself…

Casey and his patron Ronald Reagan, had come to believe that there was a potential third superpower in the world – the twenty- square- block Vatican city state – and that its monarch, Pope John Paul II, had at his command a remarkable arsenal of unconventional weapons that might help tip the balance in the Cold War, especially with overt and covert help from the United States.

“How may divisions has the pope?” Stalin had asked contemptuously during World War II. To this question the answer would soon be given, one that would leave the Politburo of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics deeply surprised and vexed. In Washington, Reagan and Casey had discussed the possibility of “breaking Poland out of the Soviet orbit”, with help from the Holy Father.
From His Holiness – John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time, by Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi

We all know now how the US/UK/Vatican alliance won the Cold War, but you can be assured that the British, having managed a world empire for centuries, were decades ahead of US strategic thinking, already aware in late 1941 that they had to save the Serbian blood stained Catholic Church for the coming Cold War.

This is the well spring for the West’s fearing, loathing, and hatred of Serbia and everything connected to Serbian ethnic identity – the Truth of the Serbian Holocaust. What have the Serbs done to deserve such treatment – assaults in every way imaginable – economic, political, propaganda, and military? The West did not treat the Germans as badly after World War II in which 50 million people died nor did the West treat the Soviets, the Arabs, or any other enemy as cruelly as they have the Serbs. And then consider that Serbia was the US and UK staunchest ally in both World Wars, such that the flag of Serbia flew over the US Capitol on June 28, 1918 in appreciation for the super human efforts and sacrifices Serbia made in the First World War. This is the answer to this seemingly paradox of Serbian history. Destroy Serbia, by destroying the World War II Serbian Orthodox resistance movement of Draza Mihailovic. This is precisely the mechanism the British used to save the Catholic Church.

The most important and traumatic event in Serbia’s modern history is one very few Serbs openly talk about and no one in the West wants to hear, and yet it is the root cause of all the troubles that have plagued the former Yugoslavia for the past 25 years. Psychiatrists often use a phrase, “the 800lb gorilla in the living room” to describe an abusive family relationship in which an alcoholic father terrorizes a family with violence and cruelty. However, the family, out of fear, misplaced shame, guilt, and exhaustion covers up the abuse so that everything appears somewhat normal to the outside world. The Serbs have had an “800lb gorilla” in their house for the last 70 years. An event so traumatic and important to Serbs that the effort of the abusers to make everything appear to be “normal” has been the inspiration for a 70 year long effort to destroy Serbian history, cultural, and their ethnic identity. The event that no one dare speak of, Serbia’s 800lb gorilla goes by many names – the Serbian Holocaust, the Vatican’s Holocaust, the Vatican’s Auschwitz, Genocide in the Independent State of Croatia, and perhaps the most accurate name – the Unknown Holocaust.

The central question, to those who are willing to answer this great paradox (the most important event in modern Serb history and yet for all practical purposes Serbs do not speak of it to the outside world) is, “How is it that the Spanish Inquisition is still well know by the world’s general public even though it happened five hundred years ago and its death toll (100,000) was just a fraction of the Catholic Church inspired Serbian Holocaust (750,000 – 1,000,000) and yet the Serbian Holocaust, which happened in the age of mass communication and the living memory of millions of people, is virtually unknown outside of Serbia? The answer is easy and clear to anyone brave enough to say it. The British, the Americans, the Vatican, the rest of the West wanted it that way. Collectively they had the power to change regimes (Tito), the power to intimidate the survivors, the money to corrupt and buy silence, and a mass media that practiced self censorship.

The West’s 70 year long war against Serbia began as the winners and losers of World War II became obvious by late 1942 – early 1943, when the British realized that a Soviet victory was a certainty and that the post war political landscape of Europe would see the Red Army occupying much of Catholic Europe. Thus began the largest covert intelligence operation in WW II history – destroy an entire nation of innocent witnesses to history greatest crime. Because of the crime’s magnitude and the ultimate guilty party, the Roman Catholic Church, deception became the strategy for the cover up. Make the actually guilty (fanatic Catholics and Muslims) nameless, make the real victims (Orthodox Serbs) guilty.

“It is an irony of history that Tito should have been the creation of the capitalist democracies of Great Britain and the United States. His movement, even at its height, was a minority that had won itself the active hostility of the mass of Serbs, Croats, and Slovene peoples. By arming the movement, by providing it with the services of the BBC and American radio, by converting the democratic press into a propaganda agent for it, by sending Allied officers into Yugoslavia to be used as propaganda exhibits in its recruiting efforts, and finally cloaking it in their own enormous moral authority, Great Britain and the United States made themselves directly responsible for Tito’s rise to power.”From Web of Disinformation, Churchill’s Yugoslav Blunder, by David Martin.

Yes, the decisive role of the Great Britain and the United States in bringing Tito to power in Yugoslavia is universally acknowledged, but was British and American support for Tito a blunder or a mistake as David Martin and many Serbs believe or was it the oldest strategy of warfare – the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

“Military deception was as old as warfare itself, but it is doubtful whether any military command ever employed deception as a fundamental tool of strategic planning as completely and rigorously as the British did during World War II”. General Eisenhower aptly concluded, “they (the British) resorted to every type of subterfuge”.
From Deceiving the Deceivers, by Samuel J. Hamrick

It was Gen. Eisenhower who insisted that Draza Mihailovic receive America’s Legion of Merit, its highest foreign recipient military award.

In A Genius for Deception: How Cunning Helped the British Win Two World Wars, Nicholas Rankin offers a lively and comprehensive history of how Britain bluffed, tricked, and spied its way to victory in two world wars. As he shows, a coherent program of strategic deception emerged in World War I, resting on the pillars of camouflage, propaganda, secret intelligence, and Special Forces. All forms of deception found an avid sponsor in Winston Churchill, who carried his enthusiasm for deceiving the enemy into World War II.

[President] Roosevelt asked him [Yugoslav Ambassador to the US, Fotic] on December 20, 1941 “How, after such horrible crimes we could expect (the Serbs) to live in the same state with the Croats”. And on an earlier occasion he [Roosevelt] had said, “it would be for the Serbs to decide what sort of community they intended to retain with the Croats after the war”.

Hamilton Fish Armstrong told me [Ambassador Fotic], “We never understood his [Churchill] enthusiasm for Tito and his conviction that he could get Tito away from the Russians”.From Fall of Yugoslavia, by Ilija Jukic

As US Army Colonel Robert McDowell pointed out, Stalin tried several times from 1942 until early 1944 to have the British send a Soviet mission to Mihailovich and help prevent the war between Chetniks and Paritasns. Molotov told Eden (British Foreign Minister), in November 1943 at the end of the Tehran Conference “I would rather send our mission to Mihailovich than Tito to find out more information on events there”.

In January 1944 General Korneev who was sent as Chief of Soviet mission to Tito, asked Bill Deakin who was sent in May 1943 as the first British mission with Tito, why were the British helping Tito when the Soviets had no confidence in the military worth of the Partisans and consider Mihailovich resistance as the only group of some significance … at the time, Deakin said “I thought Korneev must have believed that we were helping Tito because of some secret political motive”.From a speech by Nikola R. Pasic May 15, 1993

“According to Edvard Kardelj, prime minister of Yugoslavia under Tito, Stalin exerted pressure on the Partisans “to reach an understanding with the Cetniks at all cost and set up a joint army under the command of Mihailovic”.

In mid 1942, however something strange happened to change Soviet policy towards Yugoslavia. In one way or another supercautious Stalin must have received intelligence that it has become safe to break with Mihailovic without endangering the relationship with Churchill. Indeed, the abrupt and dramatic manner in which the change occurred strongly suggest that the Soviet government must have possessed intelligence leading it to believe, even at that early date, that Churchill could be persuaded on his own to back Tito. Certainly Stalin was in no position and would be in no position before the Red Army entered in Yugoslavia, to assist Tito materially.

It can be taken for granted that one of the factors of Stalin’s decision was the almost irresistible prospect of bringing Soviet power to the shores of the Adriatic, thus achieving the age old Russian dream of access to warm water seas. One would have imagined that an old war horse like Winston Churchill, no admirer of Bolshevism and accustomed to think in strategic terms, would have understood the basic implication of this switch in Soviet policy. But he did not.
FromThe Web of Disinformation Churchill’s Yugoslav Blunder, by David Martin

Poor David Martin and Stalin, they both took the British bait that Churchill supported Tito because his forces were killing more Germans. Stalin, unlike Churchill and Great Britain, who were safe behind the English Channel and the American fleet, really did care about who was killing Germans, as the Soviet Union was suffering devastating losses and enormous causalities in 1941-1942. And who was the source of the phony intelligence that changed Stalin’s mind from supporting Mihailovic to Tito, why none other than the British themselves. And Mr. Martin also wants us to believe that Churchill couldn’t see that he was handing Yugoslavia to the communists. David, that’s exactly what Churchill wanted to do with Yugoslavia – hand it to the communists.

Churchill said to MacLean, “Do you intend to live in Yugoslavia after the war? Maclean answered, “No”. Churchill replied, “ Neither do I, the less you and I worry about the form of Government they set up, the better.”From Eastern Approaches, by Fitzroy Maclean

It was a win – win for the British. If Tito did as the British expected and followed the pre war anti Serb policies of the Yugoslav Communist Party and let “Brotherhood and Unity” cover up the Serbian Holocaust, then that’s a win. On the other hand, if Tito acted as a true communist, then the British would propagandize that: “look, Tito is a communist attacking the Catholic Church, therefore it’s all just communist propaganda and not to be believed”, another win. However, given Serbia’s WWI contributions to the Allied victory and its WW II, March 27th revolution that stunned the world, and Mihailovic’s early war fame, their world wide acclaim and reservoir of good will would give any Serb charges against the Catholic Church enormous credibility. So, the British needed to prevent a Serbian Orthodox victory at any cost by destroying Mihailovic’s credibility. What really concerned the British as we will see was the world to come after the war. A Serbian pawn would be sacrificed to save the Roman Catholic Queen for the coming chess game of the Cold War.

The above introduction serves as ample illustrations that Yugoslav history in WWII is the most complex, contradictory and paradoxical in modern world history. Just consider the following:

  • Within WWII Yugoslavia, you find the most fanatic Nazi ally, Catholic Croatia and the most anti Nazi foe, Orthodox Serbia
  • President Roosevelt supports Draza Mihailovich and the Serbian Orthodox pro Western and democratic Serbian resistance movement while the British support the so called communist Tito.
  • Stalin supports the Serbian Orthodox Mihailovic until his mind is changed by British deception.
  • Mihailovich and the Serbian Orthodox resistance fight Nazi Germany when it is at the height of its power, but according to the British start collaborating with the Germans as soon as Germany’s defeat becomes inevitable.
  • Churchill sends emissaries to Tito who are personally loyal to him, including his son Randolph and his secretary William Deakin, while the British send Col William Bailey to Mihailovich. Bailey’s immediate previous assignment was organizing Croat émigré communists in Canada for guerilla warfare training and insertion into Yugoslavia. While with Mihailovich, Bailey attempts to orchestrate the assassination of Mihailovich.
  • The British claim that they support Tito because he is more effective at fighting the Germans, yet US General Eisenhower accuses the British of cowardice for refusing to fight the Germans and delaying D Day for nearly two years.
  • Tito’s is the only communist resistance movement supported by the British. He receives more material aid than all other resistance movements in Europe combined. The much larger (proportionate to the size of their countries) and more effective French and Italian communist movements not only do not receive aid from the British, they are opposed by the British.
  • US Navy Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Ernest King stops all joint naval operations with the British after the British sabotage the largest supply convoy (Convoy PQ 17) to Russia.

Most of the present day problems in the former Yugoslavia and the catalyst for the wars of the 1990s can trace their roots directly to how Yugoslavia came out of WW II. More specifically, the problem Serbs (both in Serbia and the Diaspora) have faced since WW II is that their history is a lie. The most monstrous lie of the 20th century based on misinformation, half truth, outright fabrications and propaganda, and crafted primarily by the British, the Vatican and the US. Even the so called revisions, such as the “communist mole in British intelligence tricked the British into supporting Tito” are just another British deception, hence a lie based on a lie.

The standard Western reason the British (who were “in charge of” Yugoslavia during the war) have spun for the betrayal of Serbia in WW II was that Tito’s communist Partisans were a more effective fighting force against the Germans than the Serbian Orthodox (Chetnik) resistance. As we will see a bit later, the British really could care less who was killing more Germans or any Germans for that matter in Yugoslavia. However, when the debriefings of Allied intelligence officers were made public, it became clear that the actual and potential military contributions and power of the Serbian Orthodox resistance was of an order of magnitude greater than that of the Partisans. The story that the Serbian Diaspora at least seems to believe is “we (US/UK) were tricked by communist moles into supporting Tito”. The truth is that the “communist mole” story is just another clever deception game (much like the phony weapons of mass destruction line that was used against Iraq and believed by most unquestioning Americans). So, let’s examine the communist mole theory.

US state department official and Cold War espionage researcher Samuel J. Hamrick proves beyond any reasonable doubt that, as the “Boston Globe” tells us in the review of his book, Deceiving the Deceivers“Philby and his four associates who had been exposed in 1967 for passing top secret information to the Soviets, had in fact been unwitting tools in a disinformation campaign staged by their superiors in British intelligence.” In other words, what the British did was not to expose Philby and company, but rather use them as unwitting accomplices to convey misinformation to the Soviets, hence the title of Hamrick’s book Deceiving the Deceivers. So, in reality, among other things, the Soviets were tricked by the British into believing Tito was a legitimate resistance leader instead of what he really was – a tool of the British. As noted above, Molotov wanted British help (which the British refused) to send a Soviet mission to Mihailovic to gather intelligence and prevent the civil war between Partisans and Chetniks. The Soviets had virtually no contact with Tito for at least three years and were highly suspicious of British involvement with Tito. It was the British who were controlling Tito, not the Soviets.

Further, take the case of James Klugman, the man the British put in charge of the Yugoslav desk in SOE Cairo. Klugman according to the “communist mole theory” was falsifying intelligence coming out of Yugoslavia to bolster the Partisan image and minimize the Chetnik contributions. To be sure, Klugman did do this, but was he a mole? Absolutely not, Klugman was a well known, even flamboyant communist in England for years before the war.

“Klugmann was a hard core communist and Stalinist who had joined the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1933 while still at Cambridge. He was an open and militant communist who wrote the “History of the Communist Party of Great Britain, From Trotsky to Tito”… Klugmann was at the center of a web of disinformation that included members of Special Operations Executive, SOE Cairo, British Secret Intelligence Service, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and the Political Warfare Executive (PWE).From an article published in, by historian Carl Savich

Klugmann’s superiors in British intelligence deliberately put him in this position, calculating that he would do exactly what he did do. An analogy would be to put a rattlesnake in a cage with a rabbit and see whether the snake kills the rabbit. Of course the snake killed the rabbit, and of course, Klugmann falsified intelligence coming out of Yugoslavia in Tito’s favor. Klugmann’s role was to deceive the Soviets into changing their support from Mihailovic to Tito. British Catholics came to the same conclusion that Tito would be better for the Catholic Church than an avenging Orthodox Serbia. As British and American operatives stationed with Mihailovic’s forces came out of Yugoslavia, they strongly protested the falsified intelligence attributing Chetnik attacks on German forces to the Partisans. These protests should have alerted the deaf, blind, and dumb British that they had a communist mole, but they didn’t because the British already knew Klugmann was their mole.

“A conservative and an ardent Catholic, Greenlees prayed every night that God would help his friends to find their way to the true faith. When Klugmann died, Greenlees wrote an impressively generous letter to the editor of Special Forces Club newsletter in which he said… ‘I recommended him for sergeant before I left for Yugoslavia for a commission’” .From the Web of Disinformation, Churchill’s Yugoslav Blunder, by David Martin

Now there has always been a strong Catholic influence in the British Foreign Office. Though the Serbs confined their attack to the Croatian Catholic Church and studiously avoided anything that might have implied criticism of the Vatican or the Catholic Church internationally, it would appear that at least some Catholics in the Foreign Office failed to appreciate the distinction. Convinced that Mihailovic was an anti Croat- Catholic fanatic, they were inclined to regard his movement with grave suspicion even before they found another movement to which to attach their sympathies. It was this suspicion that created so much of the friction between the foreign office and the Yugoslav government.From Ally Betrayed, the Uncensored Story of Tito and Mihailovic , by David Martin.

Normally, it would be very odd indeed anywhere in the 150 year long history of the struggle between the Catholic Church and communism to find them working in a common cause, except of course for that paradox of history, WWII Yugoslavia – where up is down and black is white.

If Churchill was misled about Tito’s strength or intentions, he helped along his own deception by intervening capriciously in the intelligence chain. As Prime Minister, he briefed British agents himself and dropped broad hints about the recommendations they would make. Sometimes he interviewed them again when they returned to London.FromThe Krajina Chronicles. A History of Serbs in Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia, by Srdja Trifkovic

That’s a big “if Churchill was misled”, much more likely, Churchill led the deception concerning Tito’s strength and intentions.

That these deception operations are little known or publicly debated is a mark of their success. Though covert operations often produce spectacular results, one of their essential qualities is that the origins of the events remain secret – that the historical credit or blame falls on the innocent, on people acting independently, or even better, on mere chance. The very fact that a covert operation is known to have been run by an intelligence agency marks it as a significant failure.From Desperate Deception, British Covert Operations in the United States 1939- 1944, by Thomas E. Mahl

The British system for manipulating unwitting German or communist agents, who then fed either Hitler or Stalin misinformation was known as the Double Cross System, represented by Roman numerals XX. The Double Cross committee consisted of twenty intelligence operatives and was headed by John C. Masterman. The British have so perfected misinformation and deception through the Double Cross System that not one German agent in Britain operated in Britain without being an unwitting dupe of the British. British Intelligence simply applied the already superbly functioning deception operation as represented by Double Cross to Yugoslavia.

“By means of the double cross system we actively ran and controlled German espionage system in this country”… For that reason it’s often better to watch an enemy agent than to seize him, and to controvert his utility by denying him access to important information and by supplying him with what was known as “chicken feed (misinformation).”From The Double Cross System in the War 1939 to 1945 , by John C. Mastermann

It made the betrayal of Serbia another win – win for the British, blaming their (British) evil machinations on their real enemy (the communists). The real and effective falsifiers of Yugoslav war intelligence were Randolph Churchill, William Deakin, and Fitzroy MacLean, all Winston Churchill cronies. It was Deakin and MacLean who produced the complete fantasy estimates of Partisan numerical strength in Serbia, which was used as the central and compelling reason for abandoning Mihailovic. Later when their estimates were shown to be complete nonsense, they never recanted their story. The crime Churchill was committing against Serbia demanded that those who were unquestionably and personally loyal to him could be entrusted with its execution.

There has never been an official British apology or acknowledgement of their so called Yugoslav blunder. These are stories, and they are just that, unsubstantiated third party stories of Churchill calling his decision to support Tito a mistake. No apology either from Major Greenlees, the ardent Catholic who promoted the communist Klugmann at SOE Cairo even after he knew of Klugmann’s role in the betrayal of Mihailovic. There is an American folk saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. Apparently, Serb American community can be fooled forever. As they say in Vegas, the fix was in. Actually the fix was in since late 1941 when Col. Bailey went to Canada to recruit Croat communists to form a British controlled anti-Serb guerrilla army.


The history of World War Two and pre-war period has been so manipulated and obscured to serve the needs of the Cold War that the following real history is all but forgotten:

  • The British and Americans mired in a decade long Great Depression knew that left alone, the Soviet Union would have the world’s largest economy and most powerful military by 1950.“Great Britain, France and the Vatican promoted fascism in Europe including bringing Hitler to power in Germany as a “bulwark against Bolshevism.” Even American State Department Officials had similar views: “Only Nazi Germany could stay the advance of Soviet Bolshevism in Europe… many of the career State Department officials shared Bullet’s cynical enthusiasm for Hitler’s talents”.From “The Splendid Blond Beast”, by Christopher Simpson
  • In additional to facilitating Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain, and Hitler in Germany, the Vatican was organizing fascist forces in the “Intermarium” (area between the Baltic and Adriatic seas ) Catholic Curtain counties – Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and of course Croatia (temporarily a part of larger Orthodox Yugoslavia) as a political/military barrier against the Soviet Union.Watch on Google Drive:
  • The documentary/drama film “Mission to Moscow” is a 1943 Warner Brothers production based on the book by the same name authored by Joseph Davies, US ambassador to the Soviet Union in the period immediately before the outbreak of WWII. Ambassador Davies approved the script as being faithful to his book. The key point Davies is driving home comes near the end of the movie, when, in an audience with Stalin, Stalin tells Davies that for years Great Britain had deliberately facilitated Hitler’s rise to power and aggressive policies so as to incite a war between Germany and the Soviet Union and that once the major combatants had exhausted themselves, the British would join in to take the lion’s share of the spoils of war. Stalin further said that a collective security effort between the Soviet Union and the Western powers to dissuade Germany from aggression was the only hope of preventing the war. And that absent such a security arrangement, the Soviet Union would be forced to take the radical action of seeking a non-aggression treaty with Germany. Of course the British and French spurned Stalin’s offer and the war came as everyone knew it would.
  • Hitler did not want to conquer Great Britain, instead he sought an alliance (as the maritime complement to German land forces) with Britain in his anti-Soviet (Russian) crusade.“They [Neville Chamberlain, Lord Halifax, Sir John Simon, and Sir Samuel Hoar]) were sure the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union only was the enemy of the Axis and that they [U]) could quite easily come to a business like arrangement with Hitler.”From “Outline of World History’, by H. G. Wells“In his blueprint for Germany’s future, Britain had been assigned the role as an unconquered and independent nation who would become Germany’s maritime ally. She would act as buffer against the United States while the Fuhrer completed his takeover of the entire continental land mass of Europe. Contemporary academic scholarship has demonstrated that, far from being driven by irrational Anglophobia, Hitler’s foreign policy objectives were remarkably consistent – if megalomaniacal – throughout his career. The achievement of his ultimate goal of German world dictatorship depended on reaching an accommodation with Britain.From Ten Days to Destiny: The Secret Story of the Hess Peace Initiative and British Efforts to Strike a Deal with Hitler, by John CostelloOn May 10, 1941, in one of WW II’s most bizarre episodes, Rudolph Hess, the deputy fuhrer of Germany, parachuted onto Scottish soil. Costello uses recently declassified material to answer 50 years of speculation about the true purpose of Hess’s mission. And his book offers some astonishing revelations. Among them: prominent members of Britain’s ruling establishment (led by foreign secretary Lord Halifax) tried to negotiate a compromise peace with Hitler at the time of the fall of France in 1940; prime minister Churchill had to bluff and bully his war cabinet into rejecting Hitler’s tempting peace overtures; the fuhrer’s Halt Order of May 23, 1940, was a stratagem to persuade the British government to accept a deal. As to the Hess mission, the record now shows that the deputy fuhrer brought not only an authoritative peace proposal but an invitation from Hitler to support Germany’s imminent crusade against the Soviet Union.From a review of Ten Days to Destiny
  • The Conservative Party faction around Winston Churchill who was as interested in the destruction of the Soviets as Chamberlain, Halifax, and Hoarse distrusted the latter and feared the former may prevail in a war with Germany, so his recommendation was to ensnare the US in the war, which was attempted by a massive propaganda campaign in the US in 1940 – 1941. See “How Britain Tried to Trick the US into War”, from the monthly magazine World War II.“I went up to father’s (Winston’s) bathroom… “Sit down dear boy… I think I see my way through. He resumed his shaving. I was astonished, and said: “Do you mean that we can avoid defeat?” – which seemed credible – or “beat the bastards” – which seemed incredible. He swung around, and said: “Of course I mean we can beat them.” Me: “Well, I’m all for it, but I don’t see how you can do it.” By this time he had dried and sponged his face and turning round to me said with great intensity:- “I shall drag the United States in.”Words of Randolph Churchill, from Desperate Deception, British Covert Operations in the United States 1939- 1944 , by Thomas E. Mahl.
  • The period between the defeat of Poland and the invasion of the Low Countries and France was correctly labeled as the “phony war.” In other words as long as German aggression is headed east towards the Soviet Union, Britain and France had no reason or desire to actually fight Germany. After all this is consistent with Britain’s real policy aim – utilize Hitler as a “useful idiot” in the mutual destruction of its two biggest continental rivals – Germany and the Soviet Union.
  • However, the German General Staff, having experienced a two front war in WWI insisted on dealing with France and Britain before an attack on the Soviets. As a matter of strategic planning, the General Staff always considered England Germany’s historical enemy, and had indeed supported Germany’s Rapallo cooperation agreements with the Soviets in the 20’s. However Nazi Germany made no serious effort to conquer Britain, although it was easily within their means. The London Blitz was a “slap on the wrist”, a gesture the British understood as such, and so was “The Miracle at Dunkirk”. There was no miracle. Hitler halted his armies and spared the British Expeditionary force as a peace offering to the British.
  • On Dec 8, 1941 one day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Churchill says “we’ve won.” We meant the US and UK, but certainly not Yugoslavia or the Russians. From that date on what concerned the British was not the fate of Germany, which was sealed, but what would Europe look like after the war. Would there still be a Soviet Union, a vastly diminished and weakened country, or a powerful Soviet Union astride a Nazified Europe, only time would tell.
  • The Serbian coup that toppled the government of Prince Regent Paul disrupted Germany’s timetable for Operation Barbarossa by a critical six weeks. President Roosevelt, whose sympathies were clearly with Serbia throughout the war, said that this event was the turning point of the war. John Keegan, the eminent British military historian called the Serbian coup of March 27th (which had overwhelming popular support throughout Serbia) “one of the greatest acts of defiance to tyranny in European history”.
  • This postponement of the attack on Russia in order that the Nazi warlord might vent his personal spite against a small Balkan country which had dared to defy him was probably the most catastrophic single decision in Hitler’s career. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that by making it that March afternoon in the Chancellery in Berlin during a moment of convulsive rage Hitler tossed away his last golden opportunity to win the war and to make of the Third Reich, which he had created with such stunning if barbarous genius, the greatest empire in German history and himself the master of Europe. Field Marshal von Brauchitsch, the Commander in Chief of the German Army, and General Halder, the gifted Chief of the General Staff, were to recall it with deep bitterness but also with more understanding of its consequences than they showed at the moment of its making, when later the deep snow and subzero temperatures of Russia hit them three of four weeks short of what they thought they needed for final victory. For ever afterward they and their fellow generals would blame that hasty, ill-advised decision of a vain and infuriated man for all the disasters that ensued.From The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, A History of Nazi Germany, by William L. Shirer, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1960.
  • The first and largest anti-Nazi resistance movement was formed by unsurrendered Serbian remnants of the Yugoslav Army under the command of Draza Mihajlovic. This should be no surprise to anyone, including the British and Stalin (which is why Stalin supported Mihailovic) as the military performance and heroism of the Serbs in the First World War and centuries long tradition of guerilla warfare is unsurpassed among all the combatants in Europe and the Serbs’ capacity to endure suffering and deprivation without surrendering is unsurpassed in world history. In post Middle Age warfare, when a country’s casualties approached 5% of its population, even the most committed and bravest (for example the Confederate States in the American Civil War or the Japanese in WWII) surrendered, however Serbia in WWI lost nearly one third of their population, including over 50% of the entire male population, yet did not surrender. The British knew very well that the Serbs didn’t need communist ideology to motivate them to fight the Nazis. They knew heroic resistance to foreign invasion is in Serb DNA and they were dealing with a people that would literally fight to the death for their beliefs.
  • The infantry, and especially the Serbs, had performed great feats of endurance, for they had done everything on their feet. Their supply system for the advance was grimly simple: they carried no food with them at all, just ammunition, relying on whatever the impoverished peasantry of their homeland could provide. As a result many who had set out as bronzed fighting men ended up as walking wraiths, mahogany turning into wax, but they went on walking, out-distancing not only the French horsemen, but even the British ration-lorries. Such fanaticism was the answer to the puzzled comment [German] Hindenburg made later: “Without rest, it seemed IMPOSSIBLE for the enemy to bring up strong forces forward to Skopje… How would he overcome the problems of supply, for we had completely destroyed the railways and roads?” What the Germans could not destroy was the Serbian spirit.From “November 1918”, by Lt. Colonel Gordon Brooks-Shepherd
  • The collapse of the Salonika front, due to the unparallel courage and fighting skill of the Serbs, quickly resulted in the defeat of Bulgaria, Austria Hungary, and Turkey. This is the event, not US entry into the war that ended World War I. The Serbian soldier was regarded as the best fighting man in the world.Both Stalin and Churchill knew this.
  • New evidence made available after the end of the Cold War strongly indicates that the Rudolph Hess mission to Britain in 1941 resulted in an understanding that the British would give Nazi Germany a free hand to fight the Soviets by keeping the Western front inactive. For a detailed history of this refer to John Costello’s “Ten Days to Destiny”. So what there was in Western Europe was a de facto peace between the UK and Germany during WWII. This prompted Gen. Eisenhower to record in his private memoirs that Britain’s refusal to open a second front to relieve the Soviets was a betrayal of the Allied war strategy. Eisenhower, as reported in a Canadian documentary on the Dieppe Raid, made a comment to his fellow American officers on British cowardliness.
  • “Dieppe” is a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation production depicting the disastrous amphibious assault on the French Normandy city of Dieppe. So, as the video clip showed us, the British claim that after three years of war mobilization, they couldn’t come up with enough men to launch an invasion in France in late 1942 strained their credibility to the breaking point, hence Eisenhower’s outburst of anger. The two years of British delaying tactics gave the Germans enough time to build the Atlantic Wall that made the June 1944 invasion much more costly. “Dieppe” production and release date are instructive, 1992 and 1993, right after the fall of the Soviet Union. Dieppe was a still a raw subject with Canadians as they suffered nearly all the casualties, but couldn’t complain about it or the grand deception of World War Two history would be exposed when it still mattered. The docudrama showed the Canadians were lied to by the British about German defensive strength and British promises for air and naval gunfire support. Basically the British insured it would be a failure thus proving a second front that Gen. Eisenhower was calling for was impossible in late 1942. Although, the British didn’t take up Hitler’s offer of an anti-Soviet alliance out of fear that the Soviets might very well win, the British did frustrate the US desire to bring immediate military assistance to Russia for over two years thereby causing millions of more deaths and thousands of more destroyed cities and towns in the Soviet Union.
  • The British were learning in detail by the summer of 1941 of the Catholic Church inspired Ustashe slaughter of Serbian Orthodox in the Independent State of Croatia. The death toll by the end of the summer of’41 is over 500,000. Jasenovac became the first death camp in Europe.“The armed resistance to the Nazi occupation began in Bosnia, and there the Croatian Fascists began an extermination of the Serbs which, in the whole annals of World War II was only surpassed in savagery by the mass extinction of Polish Jews.”From the “Encyclopedia Britannica” 1954“Judging by Pope Pius XII’s words, Croatia was an exemplary, not to say an idyllic kingdom, with which the Holy See was impatient to establish long lasting and official relations so as to weld modern developments on to a history of its glorious past – it was not the country where hundreds of thousands of Orthodox were being slaughtered for religious and racial reasons, where Jews and Gypsies were bloodily pursued.”From The Silence of Pius XII, by Carlo Falconi
  • Britain, starting in late 1941 began recruiting known Croatian communists in Canada for training and insertion into Yugoslavia, despite the well known exploits of the Serbian Orthodox resistance. The natural enemy of this British inspired and supported guerrilla army would be the Serbian Orthodox resistance of Draza Mihailovic. This operation alone should call into question who Tito really was. A recently disclosed CIA voice/language analysis of the man the world called Tito strongly indicated he was not a native Serbo – Croatian speaker, but most likely was a native of Poland or Russia. This only adds to the evidence that the World War II Tito was a whole cloth creation of British intelligence.
  • The forces of Mihailovic played an important role in the Allied victory in North Africa by destroying great quantities of German war material on Serbia’s railroads. The contributions to the war effort by the Partisans are minimal, simply because they had no presence in Serbia during the critical years of the war plus their main military effort was against the Serbian Orthodox resistance. During the same period that the Serbian Orthodox resistance was destroying German war materiel in Yugoslavia, the British were sabotaging supply convoys to Russia.
  • The Battle of Stalingrad stopped German expansion into Russia. However, the decisive battle of WWII was at the Kursk Salient in July – August 1943. Here Germany is truly defeated and from that point on, Germany would be on the defensive and in retreat. And everyone knew that Germany would lose the war. The Soviet Union was bound to win – D Day or no D Day. It was a figment of Cold War propaganda as well as a fraud perpetrated by Western histories to elevate D Day (June 6, 1944) to the same level of importance as Kursk. Germany lost nearly as many men fighting the Russians every month for four years as it did fighting the Americans and British from D Day to the end of the war. From the British perspective (but not the American, to the credit of President Roosevelt) D-Day was the rescue mission to save Germany (and her vast industry) from the Soviets.
  • Ironically, the Red Army victory at Kursk would doom Draza Mihailovic and the Serbian people. For up until Kursk, the British government and the American Republican party (John Foster Dulles) were promoting a plan that called for Germany to limit its conquest to the German speaking areas of Europe and an alliance of the Western Allies (US/UK) with Germany against the Soviet Union.“In time Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles became two of the most influential advocates of the separate peace tactics in elite US circles. John Foster Dulles, already a senior foreign policy expert for the Republican Party, publicly declared in the Spring of 1943 that Poland was the place to draw the line against the Soviets. Allen Dulles meanwhile opposed FDR’s agreement to seek unconditional surrender of Germany.”From the Splendid Blond Beast, by Christopher Simpson
  • After Kursk, it was clear to all that the Red Army was going to win WWII decisively and there would be no chance for a stabilized Eastern Front in the western Soviet Union. What lay ahead would be a divided Europe with the Soviets occupying much if not all of the Catholic Curtain countries, or perhaps all of Europe.
  • One month after Kursk, Brigadier Fitzroy MacLean arrived at Tito’s headquarters with a promise of aid to the Partisans to ensure a communist victory.
  • Meanwhile the British demanded suicidal actions by Mihailovic of no military consequence, which would have invited massive German reprisals at a ratio of 100 Serb civilians killed for every German. Mihailovic bitterly remarks that “the British are prepared to fight to the last drop of Serbian blood.”
  • In February 1944, Captain Walter Mansfield returned to Washington, bringing with him Captain Bora Todorovich, one of Mihailovic’s lieutenants. He was followed a short while later by Col. Albert Seitz. In essence their report was that Mihailovic controlled the whole of Serbia and large areas of Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro: that apart from a few minor commanders whom Mihailovic had repudiated, they had found no evidence of collaboration; and that, given Allied assistance, Mihailovic could mobilize a Chetnik army of 250,000 or more… President Roosevelt and the State Department were so impressed by the report of Captain Mansfield and Colonel Seitz that towards the end of March 1944 it was decided to immediately dispatch Lend Lease aid to Mihailovic. Preparations were made. A telephone call came from Churchill. The Lend Lease shipments were cancelled.From Ally Betrayed, the Uncensored Story of Tito and Mihailovic, by David Martin.

By mid 1943- 1944, everyone knew Germany was defeated, The entire world knows the rest of the story – Tito wins in Yugoslavia and Serbia is utterly defeated, having to simultaneously fight the British-supported communist Partisans, Nazi Germany, Croat Ustashe, Bosnian Muslims, Albanians and potentially the Red Army, all the while being bombed by British and American air forces. But why would the British aid a communist (Tito) in a war they fostered to destroy the Soviet Union? Well put yourself in the position of the British. They really had no choice. Even if the British were fully appreciative of all the Serbian sacrifices they absolutely needed a “communist”, or more precisely an anti-Serb victory in Yugoslavia. They recognized this as early as late 1941 when Col. Bailey was sent to Canada to recruit Croat communists for a British-controlled anti Serbian Orthodox army. The British, whose strategic concern was the post-war political landscape of Europe, sent a seasoned anti-communist operative (MacLean) to a communist (Tito) to aid him against the pro-Western, pro- democracy Serbs of Draza Mihailovic in a war they (the British) had manipulated in order to destroy Communism (Soviet Union). Well the British say – Tito is killing more Germans and that’s why we help him. But aren’t these the same British that Eisenhower accused of betrayal and cowardliness for not really fighting the Germans for two years? Yes, they are the same.

No, British backing of Tito had nothing to do with killing Germans. They knew Germany is defeated. So what did motivate the British to create a Tito?

British actions in Yugoslavia were ultimately all about the Serbian Holocaust. The British and the Americans knew that as a result of the Battle of the Kursk Salient there would be a divided Europe with the Soviets occupying much of Catholic Europe. They also knew that communism held great appeal to much of the population of two great Catholic countries, France and Italy (where the communists were effectively the anti-Nazi resistance, but received no aid from the US/UK).

“The overriding fact of political life all across Europe after World War II was a massive shift to the left. Disillusioned with the old line conservative politics and politicians they blamed for the conflict, millions of Europeans embraced Communist and Socialist promises of change. Communist parties became especially strong in France and Italy, where urban workers had long been drawn to Marxism.”From a foreword to the History of World War II, by Eric Severeid.

So, the situation that Western allies faced at the end of World War II was Soviet occupation of the Intermarium Catholic counties in the East and massive popular support for communism and socialism in France and Italy.

The British were in a position along with the Americans (but not the Soviets) to know the facts on the ground concerning the Serbian Holocaust and the role of the Catholic Church right up to Pope Pius XII. They also realized that after Kursk, there would be a divided Europe and a long ideological struggle with communism and that propaganda and claims to moral superiority (given the experiences of capitalism producing two World Wars and the Great Depression in the first half of the twentieth century) would be crucial for victory. Simply put, the British and Americans feared a Serbian Orthodox victory in Yugoslavia would lead to Serb retributive justice which would very likely lead to the downfall of the Papacy and perhaps the entire Roman Catholic Church at a time when the Soviet Union enjoyed immense prestige for its role in defeating Nazi Germany and at a time when the masses of Europe where shifting radically to the left.

In other words if the Vatican was exposed as complicit in mass murder, if Pius XII ended up in the dock at Nuremberg, most of Western Europe might have gone communist in free elections. The cover up of the Serbian Holocaust by Tito and the West was precisely the “secret motive” that the Soviets couldn’t figure out. That is why Yugoslavia became the largest intelligence operation of World War II.


In defense of my loyalty to you, I am hopeful that I may deviate from strict military protocol so that justice might prevail, and for this reason I hasten to write about an incident which I personally went to inspect which happened three weeks ago. Upon visiting the District of Stolac, Chapljina and Ljubinje I was informed by one of our intelligence officers that Pavelic’s Ustashi, on a previous day, had inflicted some sort of crimes in the village of Periodic (a Serbian village in Bosnia) and that if it became public, the local Serbs would anew become disturbed and agitated.

I lack the words with which to write about what I had discovered there in a large classroom. I discovered the massacre of a teacher and 120 of her students. Not one of the students was older than twelve years. It was a crime, an improper and indecent word that surpasses all insanity. Many of them were decapitated and their heads lined up on the student benches. The intestines were pulled from the slashed stomachs by the Ustashi and like New Year’s streamers stretched across the ceiling and nailed to the walls. …

The criminals first all took turns in raping the teacher and later killed her in front of the children. During this time a gypsy orchestra was forcibly brought in and was forced to sing loudly songs and beat upon the stings of the guitars… To the eternal shame of our Roman Catholic Church, one man of God – a parish priest, participating in all of this.

The massacre of Serbians has reached such proportions that many sources of water supplies have been polluted. I can personally vouch for this because I have seen a well in Popovo Polje, not far form the pit where 4,000 Serbs were disposed of, that due to that a well is discharging crimson water because of this pollution.

An indelible stain will fall upon the culture and conscience of Italy, if we do not, while there is still time, distance ourselves from the Ustashi and prevent that it could be written that we supported this madness.”Italian Army General Alexander Luzana in a letter to Mussolini (from the Military Archives of the Second Occupation Army)

Watch Video from the Ratlines:

So, what do you do if you are the British and Americans? Like General Luzana, the British came to the same conclusion, but went one step further. They must prevent not only that it could be written that the Catholic Church was involved in the Serbian Holocaust, but that it happened at all. At stake was the very survival of the Roman Catholic Church, an instrument the British knew was absolutely vital to the Cold War. The Catholic priest who participated in the mass murder described by Gen. Luzana was not an isolated individual, but rather all too common in the Independent State of Croatia. The late Serbian Holocaust researcher Dr. Milan Buljaic has meticulously documented the names of over one thousand Catholic priest, monks, and seminarians that committed mass murder. So what options did the British have? Only one. To create, in the form of Tito, a force that is, one, anti-Serb and, two, entirely dependent on the West for its survival. And this is the reality behind Anglo-American policy in World War II Yugoslavia. They supported Tito not because his forces were killing Germans, but because the British knew Tito’s Partisans were killing the Serbian Orthodox resistance. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, the oldest strategy in warfare. The British, looking ahead to the Cold War, saw the Serbian Orthodox resistance movement of Draza Mihailovic as their real enemy and Tito (despite the fact he was a communist) as their friend or, more accurately, their accomplice in the cover up of the Serbian Holocaust.

For his part Tito, could have, if he were a legitimate communist revolutionary, done just the opposite of covering up the Serbian Holocaust. He certainly knew the importance of this event for the Cold War period and, with the massive documentation at his disposal, could have easily exposed the truth to the world. This would have given socialists and communists everywhere in Europe an enormous, if not decisive political victory in dealing with the Old European Order of which the Catholic Church was the lynchpin. For the very same reason, Tito could have exposed Austrian diplomat Kurt Waldheim as a war criminal for his participation in massacres against Serbs in Bosnia, when the latter was elected as the fourth General Secretary of the United Nations, but he didn’t. Instead, as we find in the Wikipedia article, “Waldheim’s name appears on the Wehrmacht’s honor list “of those responsible for the militarily successful operation. The Nazi puppet state, the Independent State of Croatia, awarded Waldheim the Medal of the Crown of King Zvonimir in silver with an oak branches cluster.[9] Decades later, during the lobbying for his election as U.N. Secretary General, Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito, who had led anti-German forces during the war, awarded Waldheim one of the highest Yugoslav orders.”

At home in Yugoslavia he could have preserved the “Brotherhood and Unity” policy by declaring the Croat masses innocent and laying the entire blame for the massacres at the feet of the Ustashi and the source of their inspiration, the Catholic Church. This would have gone a long way to truly heal the divisions in post war Yugoslavia and would have made Tito a genuine hero. But he didn’t, passing instead on every opportunity to be a genuine communist and continuing to do the bidding of the Anglo-American Empire to his dying day. This certainly helps to explain why the “communist” Tito was always welcomed at Buckingham Palace and why Queen Elizabeth gave Tito, among other gifts, an $800,000 Rolls Royce.

The strategy worked and brilliantly so. Tito’s phony version of “Brotherhood and Unity” was the mechanism for covering up the Serbian Holocaust. There would be no examination or discussion of the Ustashi/Catholic Church crimes, no retribution on the perpetrators or justice for the victims. After the war, Tito and British propagandists would morally equate Mihailovic’s Chetniks with the Ustashe, squaring the circle of deception. The Catholic Church was saved. The Roman Church did survive and go on as anticipated to agitate in Poland, Lithuania, and the rest of Catholic Eastern Europe, initiating events that resulted the collapse of the Soviet Union. So, far from being a mistake or being tricked, the Anglo-American support of Tito was in fact a brilliant anti-communist strategy.

As the war came to an end, the Vatican with the assistance of British, French, and later American intelligence smuggled thousands of Croatian and Nazi war criminals out of Europe. Notable among them were the Croatian leader Ante Pavelic and the Minister of the Interior Andrija Artukovic – the men most responsible for implementing the policy of a pure Catholic Croatia. The Americans named this operation “The Ratline”. Cardinal Montini was its principal organizer. Montini was later to become Pope Paul VI. Take a moment to think of this reality. Two Roman Catholic popes oversaw mass murder and were active accomplices to the cover-up of mass murder and crimes against humanity. The British helped the Nazi Ustashi on the one hand and the so-called communist Tito on the other. The common thread is that everything the British did in regard to WW II Yugoslavia was anti-Serb, designed to preserve the Catholic Church’s usefulness in the forthcoming Cold war.

Roosevelt had quite different war aims then Churchill. Among them was ending the colonial and imperial systems of the European powers, which he regarded as the cause of both World Wars. Of course, chief among these empires was the British Empire. However, with his decline in health and death, Anglophiles and Catholics (Allen and John Foster Dulles and William Casey) in the US government, subsequently headed by another World War II “useful idiot,” Harry Truman, were responsible, among other things, for the completion of the betrayal of Serbia, the dropping of atomic bombs (against the advice of every senior US military leader, but at the insistence of the British) on defenseless Japanese cities, and the Cold War itself with its insane arms race which still threatens the existence of all humanity.

“The US and British abandonment of denazification and decartelization (programs to rid post war Germany of Nazi influence) was not a product of the Cold war, it was the cause of it. From the very first days of the occupation, the US practiced what appeared from the outside to be a duplicitous policy towards denazification of Germany. But whether the US government intended it or not, its action cast the die for the Cold War.”FromThe Splendid Blond Beast, by Christopher Simpson.

Only the Catholic Church and the British needed the second Yugoslavia as a means of covering up the greatest crime of the 20th century and negating the Serbs’ enormous sacrifice and contributions to the Allied victory.

Will the truth about Serbia ever be known? All history to some degree is contemporary history or as George Orwell noted “he who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past. Orwell worked in the British Ministry of Information during WWII and learned first hand the methods of British style propaganda.

“When George Orwell published his political satire Animal Farm in 1945, he wrote a preface to the book that was deleted and censored from the rest of the text. In the preface, Orwell criticized the media censorship and suppression that was endemic in Western countries during World War II.

The censored, deleted, and suppressed proposed 1945 preface to Animal Farm was first published by The Times Literary Supplement on September 15, 1972 as an essay entitled “ The Freedom of the Press”. In the preface, Orwell analyzed and deconstructed the government and media censorship in Britain during World War II. Orwell focused on the case of Draza Mihailovich, the Serbian resistance leader in Yugoslavia who was first supported and aided by the allies, the US, Soviet Union, and Britain, but later denounced and rejected in favor of the communist Josip Broz Tito.From an article published by Serbianna.Com, by historian Carl Savich.

As long as the Cold War persisted, the truth of the Serbian Holocaust could never see the light of day. Just as the Canadians could not accuse their British ally of deliberate deception and manipulation during the Cold War for the disastrous Dieppe Raid that cost thousands of Canadian casualties (and would be the excuse to delay D day for almost two years) or the sex scandals that surrounds the Catholic Church today (but whose events happened in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and a thousand years before), neither could the crimes of Western states or institution be made known or else the spotless mantle of Western moral superiority would be stained.

Today, of all the former communist counties in Europe (including Russia herself), only in Serbia has there not been a reexamination of the communist past. To be sure there are small minorities in practically all ex-communist countries that continue to be “true believers”, but the majority of these populations and all the post communist governments have repudiated the communist past – except the present day pro-western neo-Titoist government of Serbia. To be more accurate, Slobodan Milosevic did repudiate Tito and made a start to uncover the truth of the Unknown Holocaust of Serbs in WW II Yugoslavia. The West, in their fear of that truth coming out, unleashed the same anti-Serb propaganda against Milosevic as they did 60 years earlier against Mihailovic and for the same reason. Both men ended their days in show trials conducted for the benefit of the deniers of the Serbian Holocaust.

It is a travesty of justice that the Serbs have been labeled as the aggressors. They had no desire to destroy the Federation (of Yugoslavia) although contrary to Croat propaganda, the system established by Tito favored the smaller republics. The Serbs are fierce fighters for a just cause in defense of their lands or their people, but they have never been aggressors. The Serbs don’t hate. But Croat history shows that those sections of the Croat population, the ex Communists, neo Fascists around Tudjman, the Party of Rights, and above all the Ustashi – who regrettably are calling the tune – are grotesquely Serbophobic and driven by hate and by an extraordinary phenomenon – a crusading Catholicism – which I as a sincere Catholic myself find totally abhorrent.”From The Rape of Serbia – The British Role in Tito’s Grab for Power, by Michael Lees.

No, the present day governments of the US and UK were no more tricked by clever PR firms into supporting Croatia and Bosnian Muslims in the 90s, than the British were tricked by their pet communist moles in WWII. That story is for the gullible and for the cowards in the Serbian Diaspora communities who can’t face the truth that Serbia was knowingly and deliberately betrayed by her allies for the purpose of covering up the greatest crime of the Christian Age.

As Dragan Illitch of Los Angeles wrote in the American Srbobran in 1995 in trying to understand the Serbian Diaspora’s response to the Serbian Holocaust, “It is as if some one killed your entire family and the best way you could come up with to deal with it is to act as if your family never existed”. He went on to say he could understand why and how the Serbs in Yugoslavia couldn’t remember the dead of the Serbian Holocaust because they lived under Tito’s dictatorship where “Brotherhood and Unity” made it a crime to remember, but what about the Serbs in the US and Canada and the Serbian Orthodox Church in North America, what, he asked, is their excuse. Where are there any memorials to the victims, where is the day set aside to remember the victims, where are the scholarships to study and research the history. There simply aren’t any, anywhere.

British and American intelligence assets in the Serbian Diaspora and their ally Tito worked hand in glove to make sure that the Serb Diaspora engaged in an endless internal struggle primarily through their splitting of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North America into the so called pro- and anti-Tito factions. The game is as old as the pickpocket con. A fight breaks out at the edge of a crowd, the crowd’s attention is diverted as they strain to see what’s going on, they can’t figure out what the fight was about, but when they check their wallets they find them missing. What was stolen by the British pickpockets was:

  • The Truth of the Unknown Holocaust, which should have been one of the greatest stories of WWII because of the Roman Catholic Church’s involvement in mass murder.
  • The Serbian March 27th revolution that cost Hitler victory in WWII.
  • The history of the first and largest anti Nazi resistance in Europe led by Draza Mihailovic.
  • The crucial role played by Mihailovic forces in destroying German war material bound for the Battle of El Aleman
  • The Forgotten 500. The history of the rescue of the American airmen by Serbian Chetniks was as deliberately buried as everything thing else Serbian in WW II. The rescued airmen were under orders not to discuss the rescue or their experiences with Mihailovic’s forces. If the 500 became famous, then the web of lies spawned by the British (who by the way did everything in their power to thwart the airmen’s rescue mission) against Mihailovic just might start to unravel and if that happened the truth of the Serbian Holocaust might have seen the light of day and the entire Anglo-American claim to human rights and moral superiority to rule the world would come crashing down.

Each and every one of these WWII events should have resulted in worldwide acclaim for Serbia and a huge debt owed to it by the Western allies, but instead what Serbia received from the British was bombs and betrayal.

And that is precisely why Serbs and Serbia were subjected to the most viscous and demonic propaganda campaign in history in the 1990s. They want Serbs to forget. They have the power to make those who choose comfort over truth to forget, but not all make that choice. It will probably take another lifetime before the West can feel safe that their horrendous crime is forever buried. So, Serbia can expect to be threatened, pressured, embargoed, and bombed for at least the next 50 years.


Here is a most curious phenomenon, great number of Serbs, maybe a majority speak wistfully of Tito’s Yugoslavia, about how much better life was then as compared to the 1990s. Apparently they are not familiar with the concept of “Blood Money,” one case of which was Judas, but many others occurred in history where an innocent man (fall guy – Serbia) is convicted of a crime committed by the gang leader (the West and Catholic Church). The gang then takes care of his family, paying their bills and providing for the family, all in return for the fall guy’s silence. Those Serbs thinking fondly of Tito’s Yugoslavia probably never realized that the billions of aid from the West and favorable treatment of Tito’s Yugoslavia was the “Blood Money” buying Serbian silence. These people apparently never imagined what life might have been without Tito, if Draza Mihailovic’s had won the civil war in Yugoslavia.

First of all there would not have been the 70 years of arrested development for Serbia, its culture, economy, religion, and people under the British/Titoist anti-Serb agenda for Yugoslavia. Almost certainly, if Yugoslavia had continued to exist (and most likely if would not have, as Christ and Abraham Lincoln both said, a house divided against itself, cannot stand) the Serbs would have corrected King Alexander’s mistake of not defining Serbia’s borders. And as Serbs would have been victors in the war in which the Croats, Albanians, and Muslims were allied to Hitler, those borders would have been maximally beneficial to Serbia as they would have included the Dalmatian Coast and Kosovo. The post-war influx of hundreds of thousands of illegal Albanian immigrants would not have been allowed to change the demographic balance of Kosovo. Instead, Serbia today, is an impoverished, depressed, divided against itself land-locked country of demoralized people. And finally, the wars of the 90s, with the unparalleled demonization of Serbian ethnic identity, would never have happen let alone the slow motion genocide Serbia is now undergoing. That was the Price of Tito and Serbian Silence.

The Anglo-American Empire and their ally, the Catholic Church, know the importance of Kosovo to Serb history, culture, identity, and even to individual Serb psychology. Their effort to make Serbia accept Kosovo independence aims to psychologically break the spirit of the Serbian nation. This axis of evil calculates that if Serbia gives up Kosovo and everything that it means, then Serbs will also give up their history and especially the history of the Serbian Holocaust, thus insuring that the crimes of the Catholic Church and the Anglo- American Empire will be buried along with their victims forever.

Until that day I did not know the burden of the tiny little word “war”, but never again she we who traversed the “Field of Blackbirds” think of war without living again the snow filled horrors of our march. From Mitrovitze to Prishtina is scarcely twenty five kilometers. I am sure that never before in human history has more suffering, heroism, and patriotism been crowded into so small of a space.From With Serbia into Exile – An American Adventures with Army That Cannot Die, by Fortier Jones.

So wrote Mr Jones as he witnessed perhaps the most heroic moment in human history, the Serbian Army and people crossing the Plain of Kosovo in November 1915. One quarter million people, over 6% of Serbia entire pre war population would perish in a few weeks during the Great Retreat. Mr. Jones writes of Serb endurance that in his words, went beyond human understanding, of unparalleled suffering yet not one Serbian unit, not one battalion, not one company or not even one squad surrendered during the Retreat. This, more than words, tells us what Kosovo means to the Serbs.

[President] Roosevelt asked him [Yugoslav Ambassador to the US Fotic] on December 20, 1941 “How, after such horrible crimes we could expect (the Serbs) to live in the same state with the Croats”. And on an earlier occasion he [Roosevelt] had said, “it would be for the Serbs to decide what sort of community they intended to retain with the Croats after the war”.


No, it would not be up to the Serbs to decide their future, as President Roosevelt said, but to the British. The 2nd Yugoslavia of Tito was a crime, a demonic project of the British Empire and a reluctant United States as junior partner. The purpose of this project was to ensure that an anti-Serb government took power in post war Yugoslavia. This government’s natural hostility to Serbian claims for justice and compensation would be its reason for being.

Tito’s internal republican boundaries that were designed to minimize Serbian political strength and were later recognized as international state boundaries by the West are no more legitimate than the unwitting dupe James Klugmann’s forged intelligence reports that helped make Tito ruler of Yugoslavia. Serbia has the right and duty to correct the historic record and to makes its claims for justice and restitution against the perpetrators of the Serbian Holocaust and for the victims of civil war in Yugoslavia. For if it weren’t for the massive aid given without reservation to Tito by the UK and US, there would not have been a civil war of such magnitude or intensity between Serbs. Unlike Stalin, who tried to prevent the civil war in Yugoslavia, Churchill did everything in his power to incite it and wreak maximum destruction on Serbia

A long-time defender of historical justice in the Balkans recently wrote, “I have become so disillusioned with this whole situation. The media and our politicians have demonized the Serbs so successfully, that I doubt they will ever be able to come back as a people. We didn’t even treat the Germans this badly after they lost the war.”Gilles d’Aymery in a Commentary

Mr. Gilles d’Aymery is correct, Serbia and the Serbian people will never come back as a people or country until they understand their true history and reject the British/Tito lie. Serbia will never regain its true identity, independence, and rightful place in history if it continues to actively participate in the false history of Tito. It is an irony of history itself that Great Britain and France, the two European powers that encouraged Hitler and World War II, “fought” the phony war, collaborated with Germany, protected Germany’s Western flank throughout the war should become founding members of the UN with permanent seats in the UN Security council. Meanwhile Serbia and the Serbian people, the most heroic participants in WWI and WWII became the only country to ever be expelled from the United Nations. Not since Judas kissed Jesus Christ had there been a greater betrayal than the British crucifixion of the Serbian nation and people in World War II.

The charges of aggression, crimes against humanity and mass murder against Croatia, the Ustashi, the Roman Catholic Church, and Great Britain, have no statue of limitations. These claims are Serbia’s political and legal basis for reversing the destruction of Serbia in the 20th century. These claims should be pursued in the academic arena, international legal institutions, the United Nations, and the World Court year after year, generation after generation, until justice prevails.

Source: History of the Orthodox People

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– Cantillon Effect, MMT, & Judaism by Trey Knickerbocker (Occidental Dissent )Jews Renew Demand That the World Stops Noticing That They Have ‘Distinctive Noses’ (Christians for Truth )Study: Young Children Distribute Resources Based on Merit by Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer )This Is What Economic Collapse Looks Like by Michael Snyder (Economic Collapse )A Massive War Might Be the Elite’s Only Way out of the Corona Crisis by Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer )Ironic: Ventilators Sent by Russia to US Are Sanctioned by US by Polina Khimshiashvili (Anti-Empire )AI Says Fear, Sadness, Anxiety are Most Widespread Emotions Thanks to Coronavirus by Pomidor Quixote (Daily Stormer )Vatican Exploits Covid as Excuse to Undermine Nationalism and Promote One-World Globalism (Christians for Truth )Idaho Governor Signs Restrictions on Affirmative Action, Trans Athletes by Carson McCullough (American Renaissance )New York City Is Running Out Of Places To Put All The Dead Bodies by Michael Snyder (TMIN )Covid Might Spring Anti-Establishment Hero Julian Assange by Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer )Henry Kissinger Is a Genocidal War Criminal by Russ Winter (Winter Watch )Historically, the Very Wealthy Usually Prosper During Calamities, the Rest of Us Usually Suffer by Gary Brumback (Dissident Voice )Greece: Rampaging, Culture-Enriching Migrant Monkey People from Africa Chop Down 5000 Ancient Olive Trees, Wreck a Church by Arthur Lyons (Voice of Europe )Northern Italy’s Economy Is Highly Integrated with China’s, Is That Why It Was Hit So Hard by COVID? by Philip Giraldi (Strategic Culture Foundation )Millions of Households Lose Health Care Due to Layoffs -Yet More Proof that We Need Universal, Free Healthcare by Stephen Lendman (American Herald Tribune )ADL and Other Jewish NGO’s Loot Small Business Bailout While Americans Get Shafted (FTN Podcast Audio + Transcript) by Jazzhands McFeels James Allsup (FTN Podcast )More White Babies: Hungary’s Pro-Family Policy Is Working, Births up 9.4% by Jack Montgomery (Breitbart )‘Racism’ Is Biological and Inevitable, but Racial Conflict Doesn’t Have to Be by John H. Robertson, III (American Renaissance )MN State Senator & Physician Blows Whistle on Inflated Covid Death Tally: ‘Fear Is a Great Way to Control People’ by Sen. Dr. Scott Jensen (Anti-Empire )The Recovery Will Be One Long, Hard Slog – Stock Gains NOT an Indication of Economic Health by Bill Blain (The Morning Porridge )Its Now OK to Talk About Covid and Race, Because We Can Blame Whites for It! by Lance Welton (VDare )Scientists: California’s Low COVID Numbers Mean It Was Spreading in the Fall, Mis-diagnosed as ‘The Flu’. by GreatGameIndia (GreatGameIndia )NWO, Globalism and US ‘Leadership’ Is Over by The Saker (The Unz Review )Culture-Enriching Migrants Riot at Asylum Center in Germany (Video) by Baron Bodissey (Gates Of Vienna )A New Era: Covid Will Change the World in Ways Most Don’t Realize by Charles Hugh Smith (Of Two Minds )Bernie Bros Turn Against the System in Ridiculous Meltdowns by Townes Van PlantsThe Gay Jewish Billionaire Funding the LGBT Movement – Jon Stryker by Jennifer Bilek (First Things )Warren Buffett’s Father, a US Congressman: Nuremberg Trials a ‘Travesty’, Many Prominent Americans Agreed by Mike Walsh (The Ethnic European )Our Healthcare Workers Struggle to Find Masks, Department of Defense Sends One Million Masks to Israeli Military by Alison Weir (If Americans Knew )Anti-White DSA Destroyed Bernie’s Campaign – Whites Done Voting for People Who Hate Them by Eric Striker (National Justice )Fear of Jewish Power Is the Biggest Phobia in America – Get Over It and Raise Your Voice by George Mackenzie (Occidental Observer )DC White Population Utterly Replaced, ‘Sleepy, Pleasant Place’ Now Crime Infested by Gregory Hood, Henry Wolff, and Paul Kersey (American Renaissance )‘My Final Hospital Bill: $34,927.23’ – Why People All Over America Are Scared to Death of Being Tested for the Coronavirus… by Michael Snyder (The Economic Collapse Blog )Debt Forgiveness Is the Only Way to Avoid a Depression by Michael Hudson (The Unz Review )Jews & the Slave Trade: Jews Were the Most Common Buyers and Sellers of Slaves, Owners of Most Slave Ships by Dontell Jackson (We Thought They Were White )How Black Africans Are Taking Over ‘Christianity’ In England And Ireland by CFT TEAM (Christians for Truth )WATCH: Moving 1962 Speech by Father of American National Socialism – Even More True Today (George Lincoln Rockwell) by George Lincoln RockwellLegalized Homosexuality is a Monstrous Leviathan Destroying America and Individual Liberty by Doug Mainwaring (Orthodox Today )Activists Crowd-Source Brilliant Online Archive of 1000+ Jews on Twitter Advocating Anti-White Policies (Christians for Truth )Capitalism Is The Real Disease, Bailing It Out Only Makes Us Sicker by Eric Striker (National Justice )Sorry Goyim, Only Shlomo Gets Any Serious Amounts of Free Money by Trey Knickerbocker (Occidental Dissent )Founder of Hare Krishna, Beloved by Millions: Hitler One of Greatest Men Ever, Manifestation of God on Earth by Townes Van PlantsFree Market Failures That Have Dramatically Increased Our Vulnerability to COVID by Jack Rasmus (ZNet )It’s Time to Make Jeff Bezos Pay by Eric Striker (National Justice )America, We Have To End the Wars Now by Scott Horton (Antiwar )Someone’s Screwing You, And It Ain’t China – 19 Great Insights on COVID by Caitlin Johnstone (Medium )A Boomer Apologizes to America – ‘I am Sincerely Sorry’ by James Howard Kunstler ( )The Coronavirus Has Created Record Support for Medicare For All by Luke Savage (Jacobin )Straight, White, & Nationalist – Why Jewish Activists Destroyed the Boy Scouts (Irish Savant )The Globalists Driving the Anti-China Crusade – Thiel, Soros, Wenghui, and… Steve Bannon by Eric StrikerIn Praise of Living with Your Parents by The Realist (The Anatomically Correct Banana )Anti-China Hysteria Is Ultimately Not About Covid, Racism or Communism, but Power by Caitlin Johnstone (Medium )Medical Orthodoxy Succumbs to Truth, Vitamins C and D Finally Adopted as Coronavirus Treatment by Dr. Joseph Mercola (LewRockwell )Among COVID Lockdown, Hospitals See Major Reduction in Heart Attacks, Strokes and More by Steve Sailer (Unz Review )Boris Johnson’s Choices for Replacement: Two Indians and a Jew by The Irish Savant (Irish Savant )This 2020 Bail-Out of the Rich Is a Repeat of the 2008 Fiasco – on Steroids by Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone )The Corona Travails Of Boris Johnson – A Timeline by Moon of Alabama (Moon of Alabama )Man Goes Tranny, Transitions Back, Now Warns Others Against Going Tranny by Pomidor Quixote (Daily Stormer )Internal Documents: Monsanto Knew for Years Their Products Damaged Farms by Mac Slavo (SHTF Plan )



Bombshell Audio Leak – Powerful Zionist Groups Hold Meeting, Plot Latest Strategy to Deprive Americans of Free Speech (Audio)

Eric Striker  6,935 88RACE REALISM

What Every White Parent Should Explain to Their Children About Blacks – ‘The Talk’, by John Derbyshire

John Derbyshire (Truth to Power)  6,252 133

Publisher of Russia Insider Starts General News Site 'Truth to Power' - Help it Take Off!

Publisher of Russia Insider Starts General News Site ‘Truth to Power’ – Help it Take Off!

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Russian Space Chief Questions NASA Plans, Praises Partnership With China

Russian Space Chief Questions NASA Plans, Praises Partnership With China

Eric Berger (Ars Technica)  2,136 55

Top Russian Scientist Explains Why 2nd COVID Wave Impossible in Moscow, Herd Immunity Approaching

Top Russian Scientist Explains Why 2nd COVID Wave Impossible in Moscow, Herd Immunity Approaching

John Helmer (Dances with Bears)  2,028 11


Reading Solzhenitsyn's 'Gulag' Made Me Realize - We're Creating a Similar Situation in the US

Reading Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag’ Made Me Realize – We’re Creating a Similar Situation in the US

Roosh Valizadeh  3,978 165

Russian-German Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Could Be Completed Soon

Russian-German Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Could Be Completed Soon

Tsvetana Paraskova  2,523 31

IMF Made Loans to Belarus Conditional on a Lockdown - President Tells Them to Pound Sand

IMF Made Loans to Belarus Conditional on a Lockdown – President Tells Them to Pound Sand

(Anti-Empire)  5,310 102

'Secure Tolerance' - The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 1

‘Secure Tolerance’ – The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 1

Andrew Joyce  4,457 50

Putin Has a Dream to Reset the World Order

Putin Has a Dream to Reset the World Order

M. K. Bhadrakumar  4,052 34

The Catholic WW2 Genocide of Serbia - the Most Savage of Our Age - UK, US, Vatican Covered It Up Postwar

The Catholic WW2 Genocide of Serbia – the Most Savage of Our Age – UK, US, Vatican Covered It Up Postwar

(History of the Orthodox People)  3,688 95

China-Iran Deal Is a Major Blow to U.S. Aspirations in Central Asia

China-Iran Deal Is a Major Blow to U.S. Aspirations in Central Asia

Paul Antonopoulos  2,838 37


The Beast That Has Controlled America for 150 Years - Jewish-Owned Media

The Beast That Has Controlled America for 150 Years – Jewish-Owned Media

Dr. William Luther Pierce (Attack!)  11,633 285Support Russia Insider – Go Ad-Free!


Ten Good Reasons to Hate Putin

Ten Good Reasons to Hate Putin

Patrick Armstrong  89,298 212

Hillary Clinton Mocks Putin, Gladly Accepts $500K in Jewels from Head-Chopping Saudi Dictator

Hillary Clinton Mocks Putin, Gladly Accepts $500K in Jewels from Head-Chopping Saudi Dictator

Riley Waggaman  48,103 140

Putin Bored by Netanyahu’s Bible Stories, Invites Israeli PM to Join Real World

Putin Bored by Netanyahu’s Bible Stories, Invites Israeli PM to Join Real World

Paul Kaiser  50,329 705

Putin LOSES IT, Warns Journalists of War: 'I Don't Know How to Get Through to You People' (Video)

Putin LOSES IT, Warns Journalists of War: ‘I Don’t Know How to Get Through to You People’ (Video)

Enrico Braun  237,357 706

'Refugees' Harass Women in Russian Nightclub, Are Promptly Beaten and Sent to Prison

‘Refugees’ Harass Women in Russian Nightclub, Are Promptly Beaten and Sent to Prison

Rudy Panko  145,707 738

Alex Jones Freaks Out: WAKE UP!  LISTEN to Putin! - Media is LYING About WAR with Russia! (Video)

Alex Jones Freaks Out: WAKE UP! LISTEN to Putin! – Media is LYING About WAR with Russia! (Video)

Paul Kaiser  46,881 192

Why Don't Russians Smile?

Why Don’t Russians Smile?

Iosif Sternin (  100,383 228

America Is 'Committing Suicide' By Allowing Trannies in the Military (Russian TV News)

America Is ‘Committing Suicide’ By Allowing Trannies in the Military (Russian TV News)

Dmitry Kiselyov  42,940 183MAY 9TH, VICTORY DAY

Amazing Russian WW2 Monuments in This Viral Song Tribute to Veterans (Video)

Paul Kaiser  34,890 82

Kremlin-Funded Study Says Obama Is a Space Lizard

Kremlin-Funded Study Says Obama Is a Space Lizard

Riley Waggaman  44,010 99

Wikileaks: CIA 'Stole' Russian Malware, Uses It to ‘Misdirect Attribution’ of Cyber Attacks

Wikileaks: CIA ‘Stole’ Russian Malware, Uses It to ‘Misdirect Attribution’ of Cyber Attacks

RI Staff  91,271 441

Russian Missile Tech has Made America's Trillion Dollar Navy Obsolete

Russian Missile Tech has Made America’s Trillion Dollar Navy Obsolete

Dmitry Orlov  49,099 385

NATO Would Probably Lose a War Against Russia

NATO Would Probably Lose a War Against Russia

Shellback  181,886 496WESTERN COLLAPSE

The US Outspends Russia 10X On Military, But They Are Equals. Why?

Dmitry Orlov (Club Orlov)  65,951 207

 The Lawsuit That Could Sink the Clintons: Linda Ives Says She Can Prove Feds Covered up Her Son's Murder

The Lawsuit That Could Sink the Clintons: Linda Ives Says She Can Prove Feds Covered up Her Son’s Murder

Riley Waggaman  84,190 129

Gloves Are for Sissies: Photographs Show White Helmets Are Immune to Sarin

Gloves Are for Sissies: Photographs Show White Helmets Are Immune to Sarin

RI Staff  81,644 140

Top Spymaster Explains How Russian Intelligence Sees the US

Top Spymaster Explains How Russian Intelligence Sees the US

 80,720 150

Best Available Evidence: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's

Best Available Evidence: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s

Rudy Panko  70,824 242

Trump Lied to the American People Last Night, 23 Times in 7 Minutes, Destroying his Presidency

Trump Lied to the American People Last Night, 23 Times in 7 Minutes, Destroying his Presidency

Charles Bausman  38,896 616YOLO LAVROV

Lavrov Tells It Right to Pence’s Smug Face: Russia Will End US-Led World Order

Rudy Panko  48,933 463Support Russia Insider – Go Ad-Free!

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