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“Concentration camps” for children another media hoax
Mike Adams In response to the latest media hoax that claims border processing shelters are “concentration camps” for children, we found that is selling portable concentration camps for children, too… well, sort of.

See the hilarious details in today’s feature article here.

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Build a better, healthier burger by making beef patties with flaxseed and tomato pasteBy Ralph Flores | Read the full story
Reduce your risk of breast cancer by 21 percent by simply eating one more serving of veggies a dayBy Zoey Sky | Read the full story
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Slate, Salon, HuffPost and Daily Beast all lie to their readers to protect vaccine industry interests, warns DemocratBy Ethan Huff | Read the full story
More than 9 million older Americans suffer from adverse drug reactions each year; why are we not being told of the dangers of pharmaceuticals?By Edsel Cook | Read the full story
Sponsor: This 1 veggie can Reverse your vision loss (and even restore 20/20 in days)
Minimize the unwanted side effects of alcohol with these nutritional supplementsBy Michelle Simmons | Read the full story
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More of Today’s ArticlesDSM files an FDA petition suggesting that brands use simpler vitamin names instead of their chemical ones
Purchasing vitamins and supplements can be hard, especially for people who do not have a background in medicine. This is due to the complicated and unfamiliar names of vitamins and nutrients …

American Medical Association sliding toward support of physician-assisted suicide… here come the death panels
Will the American Medical Association soon be in favor of physician-assisted suicide? In early June, theAMA decided not to reaffirm its position against assisted suicide – a decision which has …

WHO: Reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease by following either the Mediterranean or Nordic-style regimen
A healthy regimen composed of fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables can help curb the risk of many types of diseases. A report from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed this well-known fact, …

Dermatologists now treating eczema by spraying the skin with live bacteria
For years, people diagnosed with the skin problem, eczema, had no other choice but to consistently put topical creams toalleviate their symptoms. Despite their best efforts, the itchy rash …

“Population Engineering” is the new term for population control, just like “climate change” replaced global warming
Leftists cannot be honest and open about their political, social, and cultural ideas because they know that the vast majority of people would reject them. As such, they learned long ago to change …

5 More reasons why apple cider vinegar is the prepper’s best-kept secret
Apple cider vinegar isn’t just a trend: It’s a prepping essential. There are many uses for apple cider vinegar in a survival scenario. So much so that the word “versatile” doesn’t even begin to …

If only “legitimate” news organizations are recognized, then CNN, WashPo and NYT must be excluded for knowingly publishing fake news
There is a major push going on behind the scenes to create a law that would define what a legitimate news organization is and who is and who isn’t verified as a “journalist.” Thismonopolization …

Tourniquet practice proven to improve survival in civilian trauma victims
Tourniquets are finally getting some good press, an article in News Wise stated. A newly published study showed that a properly fitted tourniquet can increase survival for a …

Resveratrol is good for your brain; it improves blood vessel health
Resveratrol is beneficial in the dilation of blood vessels in the brain for people who have Type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition & Intermediary …

Unique savanna in Brazil is being converted into cropland, losing biodiversity and endangering river basins that provide hydroelectric power
The Cerrado, a unique savanna in Brazil, is at risk of losing biodiversity because it’s being converted into cropland, as well as due to overall inefficient management, according to a study …

Researchers use graphene to make new and improved concrete
British researchers have succeeded in modernizing concrete with graphene. In a New Atlas article, they reported that theimproved concrete is stronger, better at keeping water out, and …

Preclinical study finds stevia is comparable to antibiotics in the treatment of Lyme disease
Research published in the European Journal of Microbiology and Immunologyrevealed yet another sweet benefit of stevia. Known for its natural sweetening properties, stevia was discovered to be a …

Eating dinner in the mid-afternoon then fasting lowers blood pressure and boosts metabolism
It’s not just what you eat, but when you eat that matters. This is what researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) concluded when they found that fasting can cause …

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