United States Military Needs To REFUSE to GO Along With Military Occupations: Unhive Your Mind!

How They Do It– ‘6 Reasons the US must expand its military forces in Syria

by TUT editor

We must carefully review the advantages and disadvantages of leaving or staying, especially now that the turmoil in the region is likely to intensify rather than subside.

ed note–remember, as we are told on a regular basis, the entire foundation upon which the creation of the ‘Jewish state’ exists is that the ‘god’ of the Hebrews gave ‘that land’ to them in perpetuity. Furthermore, as the Jews themselves have celebrated and commemorated now for thousands of years, this ‘god’ performed all sorts of magic tricks in order to get them into ‘that and’, including speaking to Moses in the form of a burning bush, sending plague after plague after plague against the Egyptians, parting/closing the Red Sea, leading his chosen humanoids with a pillar of fire at night and a sandstorm during the day, feeding them with manna that fell from heaven and slaking their thirst with water that sprung forth from a rock struck by Moses’ staff.

Why then do these people need the military might of the US if indeed their ‘god’ has ‘got their backs’, as indeed all are told now 24/7?

It is high time that sane, rational people graduate from Kindergarten and abandon such fairy tales that were concocted by the most devious and covetous people ever to walk on God’s green earth, for the question as to whether or not all life on the planet will continue or whether it will be consumed in perpetual war for the sake of Zion is based entirely on fiction as it has been scribbled down by deluded individuals claiming to hear divine voices in their heads.

And no, it isn’t simply a ‘Zionist’ thing, as so many ‘experts’ like to maintain. Nor is it a ‘Talmud’ thing or a ‘Khazar’ thing. What the world is witnessing at present is similar to the storyline found in Stephen King’s novel Cujo, where a large dog slowly but surely succumbs to the debilitating and deranged effects of the rabies infection he contracted in the first part of the story and goes on the rampage attempting to end all life in his immediate environs.

This is Israel. This is the Jewish state. This is the Jewish people, and this is Judaism. Read more of this post

My Comment:  The hived mind is the Military mind-hence, this feature pic.  The hived military mind serves the Zionist criminals mafia.

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