Hirsh Singh For Congress!

Only Hirsh Singh stands strong to Keep America Great and against the witch hunt! Team Trump  must get voters to the polls for Hirsh Singh Tuesday June 5!
“This has nothing to do with Russia – which was why this unending investigation began,” The priorities of the FBI are all wrong and the special council itself is arguably treasonous being comprised of 13 Clinton donors scheming to find any little thing they can use to topple the President.”

Statement by Hirsh Singh, Candidate for Congress (R) NJ  

We will strike a blow to the heart of the “Never Trump” Swamp this Tuesday June 5 if you use the Andedot link below to help us with a quick gift of $10.00 or your personal best so Hirsh can stand strong Keep America Great in Congress. Hirsh Singh is leading his race against his establishment backed “Never Trump” opponent. His family legally immigrated form India to work hard and build the American Dream. That’s why Hirsh Singh is all in for America. But Hirsh Singh has a target on his back because he doesn’t fit the stereotype of what the media promotes for conservatives. He will help us Keep America Great.  He’s very dangerous to the Swamp. That’s why they are attacking him through a connected “Never Trump” opponent to stop him this Tuesday June 5.

Although this Congressional District voted 159,000 (50%) to 146,000 (46%) Trump, Hirsh’s “NeverTrump” opponent, Robert Turkavage got Swamp backing by bragging to them, “I’m in the John Kasich (Never Trump) mode”.   Turkavage also praised current “Republican” Congressman Frank LoBiondo for voting against the repeal of Obamacare.  In 2012, Turkavage refused to support Joe Kyrillos, the Republican candidate who ran against indicted Democrat Bob Menendez for U.S. Senate.   Turkavage instead ran as an independent. At the GOP’s candidate’s forum last month, Turkavage misrepresented White House statements on school safety.   Turkavage said it was “stupid” to “put guns in the purses of every kindergarten and first grade teacher”. The White House never suggested that and said selected, carefully trained teachers and staff with military or law enforcement background should be allowed to have concealed weapons in schools.

The Swamp is terrified of  Hirsh Singh, and we need him to Keep America Great.  Don’t let the Swamp stop Hirsh Singh. Your quick gift below will get out the vote to beat the Swamp with Hirsh on Tuesday June 5

Click Here To Give $10.00 To Beat The Swamp With This Young Conservative
We need your help today to Keep America Great with Hirsh Singh and defeat his “Never Trump” opponent this Tuesday June 5.  Please click the link and use your Anedot Donor link to give a quick gift to get out the vote.

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