PA Intelligence Chief Met Pompeo in Washington

Despite boycott of US, PA intelligence chief met Pompeo in Washington

by TUT editor

Majed Faraj said to have discussed Abbas’s health during meeting with then-CIA director, days before he became secretary of state

ed note–the significance of this should be obvious, but for the benefit of those who suffer from a certain degree of being thick in the head, we’ll go ahead and explain.

As has been the case throughout history, politics is theatre. It is showmanship, schtick, and schmoozing in order to cover up for the shystering that is really taking place backstage. To some degree, every temporal leader, from presidents to prime ministers to popes are forced by the circumstances of political realities to lie or to at least bend the truth to some degree in order to keep the machinery of state functioning. We are not justifying it, only explaining it.

Now, having said that, the fact that–if indeed this report is true–Pompeo met with Faraj a mere month ago is quite significant. For all their bluster concerning Trump’s ‘Jew-rusalem’ declaration, the upper echelons of the PA understand why Trump did this thing, and no, it was not simply because he is a ‘slave’ to Judea, but rather because he knows that this is the only way to build up the necessary war chest of Judaic good will towards him prior to his introducing something that is sure to result in typical Judaic theatrics and jrama, which is his much-discussed ‘peace deal’ between Israel and the Palestinians.

Obviously, the Hebrews, She-brews, Khazars, Shmayzars–whatever word we want to use in describing them–know that Trump is serious about this peace deal which is why they are busy right now ramping up tensions with the Palestinians in order to create that ‘theatre’ which Judea, Inc needs, i.e. painting the Palestinians as violent, irrational and insane so that Israel is ‘justified’ in walking away from any ‘peace negotiations’, which she dreads as much as any vampire dreads sunlight or holy water.

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