Jewish Talmud Says to Sacrifice Babies to Molech (Many Jews Don’t Pay Any Attention to This But The Satanic Ones Do!)

Jewish Talmud Says Jews Allowed to Sacrifice Babies to Molech

Talmud Says Jews Allowed to Sacrifice Babies to Molech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2016

Here you have an interesting page from the Jew Talmud – a book they consider to be even holier than the Old Testament – saying that it’s cool to sacrifice babies to the god Molech.

He who gives of his seed to Molech incurs no punishment unless he delivers it to Molech and causes it to pass through the fire. If he gave it to Molech but did not cause it to pass through the fire, or the reverse, he incurs no penalty, unless he does both.

So, we have a legal technicality here (Jews are obsessed with legal technicalities in non-religious dealings, and this applies double to their religion): you are allowed to give your baby up to be sacrificed to Molech, as long as you’re not the one who throws it in the fire. You are also allowed to throw some other Jew’s baby in the fire. The only thing you are not allowed to do is throw your own baby into the fire.

Very strange, but such are the Jews.

In all likelihood, Jews still believe in this sort of thing. That presumably ties into the whole satanic child trafficking type stuff that goes on.

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