Another School Shooting in the Society of Narcissists

At least 10 dead in Santa Fe High School; shooter had multiple guns, bombs

by TUT editor

ed note–The usual commentary here for events of this type–

As usual, all discussion and debate will center on–

A. Less guns…

B. More guns…


C. How this was all just one big, elaborately staged ‘hoax’ where no shooting took place, where no one died, and where crisis actors were used…

Instead of the discussion that needs to take place, which is the role that Hollywood and the JMSM have DIRECTLY played in turning America into a nation of natural born psychopathic killers with no remorse and no pity as a necessary precursor to utilizing the military might and political muscle of the United States for murdering 2 billion Muslims around the world in Zion’s much planned for ‘Clash of Civilizations’.

The other usual commentary is as follows–

Get used to it. This type of event is here to stay as long as the American people allow Judea, Inc unfettered, instant, and open access to their minds, hearts and souls.

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My Comment:  The chickens are returning home to roost.  The mass shootings the United States Government has done abroad killing for Zion are now mass shootings done at home in a neighborhood near you.

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