Israel Defense Minister Threatens Russia With Attack If They Support Syria

Israeli Defense Minister Asks Russia to Stand Down Syria Air Defenses or They Will Be Attacked Too

by TUT editor


IWB – Avigdor Lieberman warned Russia, which by the way is a military super-power, at least compared to Israel and any other country or group of countries in the Middle East, that its air defenses deployed in Syria (the S300 SAM systems are currently protecting Russian military bases, its naval base at Tartus and its warships) at Assad’s regime request must be put on hold while Israel’s air force strikes targets in Syria with impunity, in complete disregard of international law. And he also said that Israel’s strikes will continue in Syria. Which means that Israel tries hard to provoke a war with Iran and maybe Russia, plain and simple, there’s no other way to read Avigdor Lieberman’s comments. CONTINUE READING

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