As World Wakes Up to Israel’s Crimes: Israel’s Security Hide in Underground Bunkers (Cowards)

Israel’s security cabinet now holds its meetings in an underground bunker

by TUT editor

PM decides to transfer discussions to new secure Jerusalem site for foreseeable future, signaling heightened sensitivity of discussions

ed note–as with all things Jooish, and especially any and all items involving Nutty Netty, who has an obvious penchant for speaking fluent gangertese and using theatricism, innunendo and symbolism in getting certain ideas across, so too must this latest development be understood for its ‘subterranean’–no pun intended–nuanced importance.

World leaders go to ‘underground bunkers’ when they are fighting wars, and not just to get a few minutes of ‘peace and quiet’. This, coupled with the recent news announcing that Netanyahu now has the power to declare war without Knesset approval, making him a virtual one-man Armageddonist, needs to be seen and understood for the message which Netanyahu is trying to convey–that he is getting ready to light the fuse on a bomb whose destructive properties are such that his command center must be moved to a more ‘secure’ location, not only in terms of any possible Russian/Iranian/Syrian retaliation, but as well, anything that the Western powers–as unlikely a scenario as that may appear to be on its face–may try to do in preventing him from launching the unthinkable.

As we have counseled here over the years, it is a grave mistake (and unfortunately in which unfortunately a disproportionately-high percentage of commentators have been willing to engage themselves) to simply laugh away Netaynahu’s theatrics, whether it was his infamous bomb cartoon at the UN or his most recent ‘Iran Lied’ presentation with him narrating a Power Point presentation ‘proving’ that Iran was trying to develop nukes. As yours truly has said over the years, he is a wild animal in an expensive suit, a fact which unfortunately few seem to recognize until he bares fang, horn and claw in some ungodly bloodbath in Gaza or wherever, and all can rest assured that the rest of the world, from Trump to Putin to May to Merkel to Macron, have no idea whatsoever how to get this raging inferno under control, despite what appears to be the calm demeanor they display when the cameras are rolling and the mics are on. Read more of this post

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