Trump’s ME Peace Deal

Trump Shooting for ‘win-win outcome’ on peace deal says Friedman

by TUT editor

The US embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem hasn’t doomed an “ultimate deal” between the two sides, the US ambassador said.

ed note–again, please plug a few important factors into all of this–

1. The Jews don’t want any ‘peace deal’, which is why they have been opposed to Trump since before he got the Republican nomination and why they are determined to bring him down, despite the gestures he has made with regards to Jew-rusalem and the Iranian deal. War and the presence of strategic tension is the only glue holding together the insane asylum known as the Jewish state, and therefore any meaningful resolution to the problems in the area would spell doom for the entire Judea Resurrecta experiment.

2. Friedman’s position concerning the ‘Russian presence’ in the region and his statement that ‘I guarantee Netanyahu speaks more with the president of the United States than he does with the leader of Russia’ can be read several ways, none of them exclusive–

A. That Netanyahu knows he can’t push Russia around,


B. That Netanyahu has Trump on the ropes politically with all the noise that is generated on a daily basis in the JMSM vis a vis the talk of impeachment and prosecution due to his personal control of Congress and the Mueller probe, and all of this due to Trump’s position concerning his ‘peace deal’. If Trump were as much ‘owned’ by the Jews as some maintain, there would be no talk of any peace deal, the US would be a war with Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya, etc, in exactly the same manner as witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan and all talk of impeachment, Stormy Daniels, Russian interference and the rest would come to a dead stop in a NY minute.

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