UK’s Jeremy Corbyn Condemns Western ‘Silence’ Over Israel’s Killing of at Least 27 Palestinians on the Gaza Border

UK – Jeremy Corbyn condemns Western ‘silence’ over Israel’s killing of at least 27 Palestinians on the Gaza border

by TUT editor


THE INDEPENDENT – Jeremy Corbyn has condemned Israel’s killing of at least 27 Palestinians on the Gaza border as an “outrage” and attacked Western “silence” about the deaths. In a message read out at a demonstration outside Downing Street, the Labour leader demanded that Theresa May support the United Nation’s call for an independent international inquiry. CONTINUE READING

UK – Jews will FLEE Britain if Corbyn becomes PM, warns top rabbi

by TUT editor

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THE EXPRESS – Rabbi Goldschmidt, who is Swiss-born and also Chief Rabbi of Moscow, said there was “a red line” beyond which behaviour could be seen as antisemitic. He said: “I don’t know if by words Mr Corbyn crosses this red line, but by deeds, by joining these Jewdas groups and by not doing enough in terms of fighting those antisemitic pockets within his party, he is bound to cross this red line.” CONTINUE READING

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