The Ugly Truth: Israel Doesn’t Give a Damn About Syrians; This is Just a Ploy to Get the US in a Genocidal War Against Assad!

How They Do It– Israeli Top minister calls for international forces to ‘stop genocide’ in Syria

by TUT editor

Gilad Erdan says US and world must intensify their efforts in defeating and removing Assad; Israeli lawmakers call for ‘immediate military action’

ed note–as usual, rest assured on the following items–

1. That Erdan’s call for the US and the world to ‘intensify their efforts in defeating and removing Assad’ and using ‘immediate military action’ to do it is not rooted in any concern or compassion for the people of Syria whom the Jews view as their eternal enemies.

2. That this gas attack was done by Israel in order to create political pressure on an American president who just announced that he is pulling US troops out of Syria.

3. That Erdan’s comments that American and international presence in Syria will ‘intensify, otherwise the genocide there will only expand’ was Israel broadcasting the threat to Trump, Putin et al that this is just the first of many FFs which Judea, Inc is planning to put into motion in order to prevent the US from divesting itself militarily in Syria.

Also note carefully that the entire political spectrum in Israel–from far right to far left–is speaking with one voice on this matter, indicating that there is across-the-board panic within the Jewish state to Trump’s announced ‘pullout’ plans. What it also indicates is that the superficial ‘differences’ between the ‘bad’ Zionists on the right and the ‘good’ Zionists on the left is mere theatre meant to distract/confuse naive political watchers of this problem.

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