Trump Clashes With [Zionist Owned] Military in Syria Pullout Push

Trump clashes with military in Syria pullout push

by TUT editor

ed note–no one should make the mistake of thinking that Trump is taking a casual approach to all of this business concerning his stated pullout from Syria. He may be saying things such as ‘the US is getting a bad deal’, intimating that it is all about the ‘bottom line’, but what is really at stake here is that he sees the approaching storm that could see US, Iranian, Syrian, Turkish and Russian troops shooting at each other and is out to avoid this ambush which Judea, Inc has set in motion at all costs.

And, once again, somewhere between the millionth and billionth time, we remind the readers that these are not the actions of a POTUS who is ‘owned by the Jooz’. These are not the actions of a POTUS who is ‘out to do Israel’s bidding’. These are not the actions of a POTUS who is ‘out to start WWIII’ for the benefit of the Jewish state.

The Jews–both on the right and on the left– have made clear now that they despise this man and want him GONE, as in 11/07/16, the day before he was elected, and we are seeing the primary reason for this animus against him–that he is determined to extricate (as much as possible) the US from the present noose that has been tied around America’s neck in the form of all these ‘biblical’ wars aimed at destabilizing/destroying the Islamic world as a pretext for creating the thousands-of-years-old Judaic dream of ‘Greater Israel’.

And, once again,  somewhere between the millionth and billionth time, we put forth the challenge to all the self-declared ‘experts’ (who insist upon focusing on the superficialities which Trump has been/is forced to engage as an occupational requirement as an American politician) to explain this latest development concerning the evacuation of US troops form Syria and how this is all part of some ‘master plan’ which Judea, Inc has conjured up in order to ‘fool’ everyone.

And, as we have stated, somewhere between a million and a billion times, go ahead, take your time formulating your answer to this. We’ll patiently wait. Read more of this post

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