Trump & the Jews

Trump–an Anti-Semite who likes certain Jews

by TUT editor

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TUT editor | 04/13/2018 at 9

Trump’s Tweet on Syrian Military Strike–‘Mission Accomplished’

by TUT editor

“The strikes were not about regime change, but were a limited, targeted, effective strike with clear boundaries.”

ed note–in other words, ‘that’s all there is folks…’

So much for all the ‘experts’ and geniuses who were s***ing their pants in glee last night over their assumption Trump had just started WWIII in order to ‘please his masters in Tel Aviv’ Read more of this post

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Trump Pardoned Libby to Protect Himself From Mueller

by TUT editor

The move on Trump’s part in pardoning Libby was entirely symbolic. Since his conviction in 2007, Mr. Libby had regained the two main privileges a felony conviction had stripped from him: his right to vote and his law license. This pardon will change nothing in Mr. Libby’s life.

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