Satanyahu Shows Why Assad Must Go: Zionist’s Greater Israel

With only limited strikes, Trump Chose Not to Threaten Assad’s Rule

by TUT editor

According to preliminary reports from Syria, the cruise missiles and bombs launched by U.S., British and French planes caused significant damage to the targets, and yet they don’t seem to have significantly jeopardized the survival of Bashar Assad’s regime, and without a coordinated American effort to renew aid to rebel groups straining under Russian and Iranian pressure, there is no real danger hovering over the Syrian regime. Trump is showing no signs of going down that road.

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by TUT editor

“There has been an increase in open, unashamed and explicit hatred directed against Jews. The Jew as exploiter, the Jew as killer, the Jew as banker. It is like we have regressed 100 years.”

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No ‘Shock and awe’ as US, UK, and France opt for limited strikes in Syria

by TUT editor

ed note–I’ll admit, we here at this humble little endeavor are a lil’ dazed-n-confuzed on a few things…

You see, day after day, week after week for close to 2 years now, we have been/are inundated on a daily basis with screeching vitriol from a whole slew of self-described experts and geniuses (who claim infallible clairvoyance on the oftentimes complicated and convoluted world of geo-politics) that all the obvious friction that seems to exist between Trump and Judea, Inc is all ‘an act’ and that secretly, he is in bed with Djooooooz and intends to give them every thing they want, including WWIII and the entire ‘Greater Israel’ project.

So, again, we’re a lil’ dazed-n-confuzed here…According to the various ‘screech reports’ we received last night, Trump launched WWIII, per Israel’s orders, except that today, we come to find out–much like it was a year ago with the air strikes on the for-the-most-part empty airfield–that it was all just for show. In fact, Trump himself has come out and basically stated that Elvis has left the building and that there is nothing more to be seen on this matter. Sec of Defense Mattis has said that there is to be no regime change–despite Israel’s demands–and that the strikes were not intended to weaken Assad, the Iranians, Russians, Hezbollah, etc.

So, a lil’ clarification would REALLY be appreciated here. Since those of us involved in this humble lil’ endeavor are obviously ‘bought off by the Djoooooz’ or else seriously lacking in the grey matter department in coming to the same conclusion (s) to which all the self-described/self-coronated ‘experts’ and geniuses have on this matter, can someone please walk us through this complicated mess? If Djooooooz want Syria destroyed and Assad gone, as they have made patently clear now for decades, and if–as all the self-described/self-coronated ‘experts’ and geniuses claim–Trump is ‘owned’ by Djoooooz, then why has he stopped short?


I guess we here at this humble lil’ endeavor are not as dummm as we previously thought.

In all seriousness ladies and gents, read the article, coming from no less an authoritative source than the Jerusalem Post and ask yourself whether or not Judea, Inc is pleased with this latest development. Read more of this post

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