The Zionist Campaign to Exterminate Muslims

The Genocide Nobody Wants To Talk About: The Campaign to Exterminate Muslims

by TUT editor


TRUTH DIG – We have declared a worldwide war on Muslims. Muslims, who read us better than we read ourselves, are rising up to resist. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the Middle East have been butchered since our invasion of Afghanistan. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya have been destroyed as viable states. Millions of Muslims have been displaced or are refugees. And when desperate Muslim families attempt to flee to Europe or the United States from the hell we created in the Middle East, they are thrown into displacement camps or turned back and branded as disease carriers, thieves, rapists, barbarians and terrorists.

Islamic culture and religion in our Manichean narrative have been shorn of all nuance, humanity, complexity and depth. Islam has been replaced by a xenophobic cartoon version, an image that, to use the words of Frantz Fanon, is the “quintessence of evil.” We respond to the crisis we created out of ignorance, self-exaltation and racism. CONTINUE READING

My Comment:  Who created the wars in the Middle East?  The Zionist NATO and Zionist Occupied Governments of the EU and the USA.  Who aided and abetted the ‘refugees’ swarming EU?  George Soros, Zionist.  Who Runs the EU?  All Zionists!  Who runs the Fake News Medias in These Zionist Occupied Governments?  All Zionists!

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