Rouhani Tells the Truth That Israel is Supporting Terrorists in Syria

How They Do It–Netanyahu assails Rouhani’s claim that Israel is supporting terrorists in Syria as ‘absurd’

by TUT editor

ed note–It is a fact, and probably has been throughout the entirety of human history, that governments and those who run them lie as an occupational requirement. Where we should not make any mistake however is in our understanding of this phenomenon as it applies to organized Jewish interests, the most notable being the Jewish state itself, in that when Israel and her people do it, it is the result of an entirely different paradigm and based upon entirely different parameters and principles.

When Netanyahu replies with the word ‘absurd’ to Rouhani’s charges that Israel has given logistical and material support to terrorists operating in Syria, he believes exactly what he is saying.

Has Israel given support to groups such as ISIS? For sure. Does Netanyahu know this to be the case? For sure, and rest assured as well that he has personally signed off on it in the same manner as he was personally involved in other high profile events such as 9/11.

But in his Judaic mind, ISIS is there to do ‘the Lord’s work’ in destroying Syria. It is the scourge that is demanded by yahweh, the vindicitive, violent, and racist god of the Jews,  in helping pave the way for ‘Greater Israel’ as outlined in the Judaic Torah, and therefore, since ‘god’ cannot be a ‘terrorist’, than those carrying out his desires and demands–in this case ISIS–cannot technically be considered ‘terrorists’ either. Only if these groups actually attacked Israel would they then in the legal (Judaic) sense of the understanding become ‘terrorists’.

The old saying concerning ‘East being East and West being West and the never the twain shall meet’ needs to be amended and re-applied in the manner by which the world’s people understand the madness behind the method of Judaic thinking and how this thinking goes forward into the word of Geo-politics. Indeed, as we are all told (usually with great hubris and arrogance, mind you) by Jewish interests that there exists ‘the Jewish’ way of doing things and the Gentile way of doing things and there can be no co-mixing of the two. It is to our own detriment when the naive and ill-informed amongst us lump Jew and Gentile into the same category in the same way that some would point out the superficial similarities that exist between quadruped animals such as sheep and wolves and how based upon this over-simplified comparison that there is no liability associated with putting both animals together in the same pen.

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