Palestinian Teen Puts His Hand in his Pocket. His Punishment: A Bullet in the Face. (Zionist Israel)

A Palestinian teen puts his hand in his pocket. His punishment: A bullet in the face

by TUT editor


DAYS OF PALESTINE – The bullet entered from the back of his neck and exited through the eye socket, shattering his head and face. A single bullet fired by an Israel Defence Forces soldier lurking in ambush with his buddies in the shade of olive trees. The soldier sees the person approaching the fence, unarmed, not endangering anyone, a slim teenager, dozens of meters away – but still shoots him in the head with live ammunition, wounding him seriously, destroying his life and that of his family, probably for all time. At first the IDF claimed that the soldier had thwarted a knifing attack, and later that the teen had put his hand in his pocket in a suspicious way.


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