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Image result for Iran Plane Crashes Into Mountain, Killing All 66 Aboard

NY Times: Iran Plane Crashes Into Mountain, Killing All 66 Aboard

Miami Herald: Who is Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, accused gunman in Florida high school

Washington Post: Florida massacre: Broward Sheriff Scott Israel’s plea for gun control

It seems that not a year goes by without an Iranian airplane falling from the sky, or crashing upon landing, or flying into a mountainside. Mass casualty incidents occurred in : (2002 – here) – (2003 – here) – (2005 – here) – (2006 – here) – (2008 – here) – (2009 – here) – (2011- here) – (2014 – here) – (2018 – here). Were they all really “accidents?” The laws of probability, especially in light of Israel’s hatred for Iran, scream “no way.”
This latest tragedy comes just a few days after a Russian plane crash. Iran and Russia — the two countries currently blocking the geo-political objectives of both the Globalist and Zionist factions of the geo-ruling elite. How conveeenient!
But for today’s rebuttal, what Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times really want to talk about is the sick twisted manner in which “the powers that be” (cough cough) throw symbolic clues right in faces when carrying out real acts of terror, false flags, and crisis-actor hoaxes. They do this because of the sense of power they derive from mocking us.
Image result for the rope murder scene  hitchcock Image result for the rope murder scene  hitchcock Image result for the rope the books hitchcock
In Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 suspense thriller, “The Rope,” a pair of young New York City elites strangle a friend to death just for the fun of it. Later that night, they host a party in which the dead boy’s father was invited. As the father — by now a little worried over his missing son — leaves the party, the mastermind killer hands the older man a stack of used books to add to his home library. Holding the books together is the very rope with which they had murdered his son with only hours ago! — These are exactly the type of sick, twisted clues which the psychopaths of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) enjoys putting right under our noses as they laugh at us.
Past examples of this ghoulish game include the “D-Day” (Devil’s Day?) invasion of June 6, 1944, which kicked off exactly at 6 AM, on the 6th day, of the 6th month of 1944 — 6-6-6. In addition to 6’s, repeating digits also carry Satanic significance. Armistice Day (World War I) took place on 11-11 of 1918. The murder of John F Kennedy11-22 of 1963. The murder of Robert F Kennedy, 4:44 AM (Eastern Standard Time); the terror attacks of  9-11, 2001; the London subway and bus bombings of 7-7, 2005 — just to name a few.
Image result for d-day june 6Image result for rfk 4:44Image result for 9/11 simpsons prediction
The evil-doers love to inject 6’s and anything with repeating-digits into their schemes.
 Image result for sandy hook tribute the voice
2012: Celebrities and contestants of “The Voice” honor the “victims” of the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax by holding up signs with the names and ages of the “dead.” All of the child victims were age “6.” (with one “7” thrown in)  
The first headline listed above reads: Iran Plane Crashes Into Mountain, Killing All 66 Aboard. With tension increasing between Israel and Iran by the day, that “66” seems to shout: Ha ha ha ha! We did it! Ha ha ha ha! And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”
The second headline, which reveals the full name of the fake shooter of the fake Florida shooting also carries a message. The “killer’s name” is Nicolas de Jesus Cruz. The name “de Jesus” is Spanish for “of Jesus,” and the name “Cruz” means “cross.” Combine this with name of the Broward County Sheriff  Scott Israel (from headline #3) who is screaming for “gun control,” and the message is even clearer: Jesus and the cross are bad, Israel is good.
Image result for Marjory Stoneman Douglas Related image Image result for sheriff israel
1. Nick de Jesus Cruz handcuffed before authorities — 2. Jesus handcuffed before authorities and soon to be nailed to the “Cruz.”  3. The “good” Sheriff Israel will prosecute “de Jesus of the Cross.” Note the Rainbow Fag-Flag on display in the background — another added in-your-face Satanic touch.
Also, the name of the school where the hoax was staged is probably not by accident either. The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School is named after a legendary feminist, environmentalist, ACLU Communist hag who died in 1998, at the age of 108.

And now, the kicker. As has been repeatedly reported both in print media and on the Electronic Idiot Box, the “shooting” took place while a certain subject was being taught to a classroom full of “victims.” Hip waders on and barf bags ready, boys and girls. This is a doozy!

From CBS

“Two students died in that classroom Nick Dworet was fatally shot, so was Helena Ramsey. In a sad twist, the kids were in a Holocaust studies class, learning about the evil that comes from hate.

“We watch eyewitness of people survive the holocaust,” Schamis tearfully recalled. “And here they are in their horrible own experience of hate.”

Yes sir. Satan’s earthly henchmen have been enjoying many good laughs at our expense — with many more to come.
Image result for Marjory Stoneman Douglas Image result for florida school Schamis Image result for florida school Schamis
1. Before her death, Marxist hag Stoneman was honored by Bill the Rapist Clinton. 2Some of the “survivors” of the Florida Shooting Hoax were learning about the “Holocaust”  when “of Jesus” of “the cross” started “holocausting” them. 3Waaaa… waaaa… waaaa! The NRA did this! Enough is enough! We demand “gun control!” ™ 

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that an Iranian passenger plane crashed into a mountain, killing 66.

Boobus Americanus 2: What’s with all these passenger planes going down? Last week in Russia, now, it’s Iran.



Sugar Boobuss! Think, Boobuss, think! I know it hurtss, but it’ss not too frickin’ difficult to figure out.

 Editor: Even people far more intelligent than Boobus have a hard time conceptualizing the ocean-like depths of the evil which lords over us — which is why the bloody bastards get away with it every time.


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