Generals Who Suck Up to the Cabal Never Get Fired Even Though They Are Traitors

Comment: Kiriakou exposes Afghan men having sex with boys who are purchased SLAVES and was told we allow this and not to criticize. Of Course being the CIA is infested with pedophiles at the top our pedophiles will support and defend their pedophiles. Pictured is Herbert the Pervert Bush Sr who was a well known prolific child abuser and child killer doing his heinous deeds as a CIA Mind Controller & Programmer just another name for a sick F__k who tortures and rapes children.

Marine Officer Fired After Criticizing Afghanistan Failure

By infostormer -August 28, 20210

A Marine officer posted a video on social media criticizing top military leadership for the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. He demanded accountability for the failures.

They did not like his criticism so he has been promptly fired.

His criticism is accurate and certainly warranted. The Afghanistan debacle has been the biggest foreign policy failure of my lifetime.

Of course, you are not allowed to do politics as a military officer unless you fully agree with everything the Zionist occupational government says and does.

This just illustrates how broken and corrupt the system is. So far nobody has been fired over this disaster, but a random Marine officer who had nothing to do with the disaster gets fired for merely asking that people be held accountable for these insane failures.

The American military has become just as broken as everything else in this decaying empire.

What might help is if we recruit more women, homosexuals and trannies into leadership ranks. That just might fix the problem, but outside of that, things are looking quite grim at the moment.

Americans and Military Service Dogs Remain in Afghanistan

By infostormer -August 31, 20211

It looks as if hundreds of Americans and a large number of military service dogs are still in Afghanistan following the final withdrawal of troops from Kabul’s airport. People are very angry at the situation.

Jonathan T Gilliam@JGilliam_SEAL·.@DeptofDefense has ordered ALL military working dogs to be left behind in #Afghanistan. They also said any Americans left there are free to leave whenever they want. WTFO?!?! @SecBlinken, @AmbRice46, @JoeBiden & all the top generals should be arrested now! This is not American!

Meanwhile, the Taliban are reportedly going house to house executing traitors who worked with the ZOG occupation.

Then you have this.

I feel bad for the dogs that were abandoned, but I don’t feel bad for the Americans that are still there. What were these people doing in Afghanistan to begin with and why are they still there?

Maybe when things calm down a bit they’ll be able to book a commercial fight out of the country. But I doubt the Taliban are going to be very happy with the Americans who are left there since most of them were pushing feminism and gay poop sex on to their people.

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