Operation Polar Pen & the Threat to the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment Threatened



The Constitution is threatened like never before. The recent Las Vegas shooting has gun-control advocates starting an attack on the Second Amendment.


And others have jumped on the bandwagon as well. Now, the Convention of States Project wants to “clarify” the Second Amendment.


Stay on top of this issue by reading The New American’s coverage:


1. Article V Con-Con Proponents Want to “Clarify” the Second Amendment 


2. Las Vegas Reaction Shows Risk of Con-Con to Second Amendment


3. Con Con Supporters Willing to Deal With Massachusetts Liberals


Take Action:

  1. Watch Does the Second Amendment Need Clarifying?
  2. Check our Con-Con map for the latest action to take in your state. 
  3. If you haven’t already, join the organization that is most feared by globalists because of its effectiveness in thwarting their agenda – Join The John Birch Society!
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Freedom: Operation Polar Pen – blogspot.com


Jan 18, 2015 · Operation Polar Pen … My name is Francis Schaeffer Cox and I’m a thirty year old political prisoner of the Obama Administration. December 17th, 2014.

This is the document that will Free Schaeffer Cox – …


May 28, 2016 · This file is “THE” file that tells the story of Schaeffer Cox unjust incarceration and politically targeted by this Obama … Polar Pen Supervisor FBI …

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