Paul Nehlen is Running For Wisconsin Congress in 2018




Paul Nehlen is a strong and courageous white Christian nationalist who will be running for Congress against the faggot Zionist puppet lapdog of the Jews known as Paul Ryan. The election isn’t until another year but we must do everything possible within our power of the use of the internet and memes to help Nehlen win and I am getting started now.

Nehlen is not your typical establishment candidate by any means. This guy is truly the real deal and why is that? He’s not controlled by Jewish money like everyone else in DC. If you don’t believe me, just check out his twitter. He publicly tweets against White Genocide and acknowledges the Jewish problem which is the number one problem plaguing western society today.

Some of the initiatives he plans on pursuing if elected include protecting the 2nd amendment, preserving free-speech over the internet, stopping censorship on (((social media))), deporting ALL illegal immigrants, building a wall, stopping (((free trade))), outlawing abortion, stopping (((endless wars))) and many more issues that we on the alt-right are committed to fighting for.

This guy is a true patriot who we must meme into congress. The Jews are going to do all they can to rig the vote against this Holy Crusader of Christ, they are already starting to wage a propaganda war against Mr.Nehlen, but through the power of the Holy Ghost and with enough tenacity on our part, we can make the impossible the possible. Below are some  of the more memorable and edgy tweets Nehlen has recently made. Be sure to follow him on (((twitter))) here, that is if you haven’t already been banned yet.  Oh and one other thing I love about Nehlen is the way he fights back against Jews and their liberal lackeys on (((Twitter))).

Most notable is when Nehlen told the Christ-Killer Ari Cohn to convert to Christianity in order to “fill a Jesus-shaped hole” inside of him! Haha classic! In a lengthy thread, Nehlen even volunteered to help the satanic Jew bastard to get baptized alongside of him.

See, now we’re getting somewhere @AriCohn. You can’t fill a Jesus shaped hole in your heart by trolling the internet, calling people names.

It gets even better goyim. A day earlier, he had tweeted to the dirty kike Cohn that, “it’s okay to be white. It’s not okay to pretend to be for purposes of undermining whites. But you knew that.”

It’s okay to be white.

It’s not okay to pretend to be for purposes of undermining whites. But you knew that.

more tweets….

A Discussion of Paul Nehlen’s Proposed Legislation: 10 Questions from the Degenerates at VICE 

Paul Nehlen @pnehlen

A Discussion of Paul Nehlen’s Proposed #ShallNotCensor Legislation: 10 Questions from the Degenerates at VICE

“A candidate has amazing ideas? YES!”

“Oh, he has pro-White views? That ruins everything!”


A true Christian who knows who the (((real enemies))) of Western Christian civilization are…

Once upon a time, we could count on the right for biblical literacy, at very least.

Jesus died for our sins — your sins Sarah — everyone’s sins. The Jews who killed Him, and who asked Pilate for Barabbas instead, argued that He didn’t die for all our sins, and that He wasn’t the Messiah prophesied in Isaiah. But His Good News encompasses

Here Paul Nehlen tweets about the very suspicious death of Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant who died allegedly by ‘having his tractor flip over on him’. Paul like us knows that the Jews had Jimbo killed.

Here he shows more opposition to white genocide!

8/ I look forward to fewer unprovoked attacks from here going forward.

But I’m prepared to endure them the rest of my waking days.

Why? I already told you.
I’ve got the Joy Joy Joy Joy
Down in my heart.
Down in my heart.
Down in my heart.
Down in my heart to stay.

Paul calls out the anti-white kike ari cohn ! Gotta love it

Now it’s your turn. Show me where I said anything negative about “white people”

My district is overwhelmingly white. When I made a factual statement, you contextualized it as racist bc you are a bigot who hates whites.

View image on Twitter

Paul obliquely lets us know (((who))) opposes American first candiates…

Paul correctly points out the mental illness that is called ‘libertarianism



As Sodom on the Pacific burns, a different kind of conflagration is happening east of the Mississippi. Paul Nehlen is running wild on Twitter, never letting up in his bold campaign to unseat the King Cuck, House Speaker Paul Ryan. Even though Ryan maintained his seat in the 2016 election, Nehlen has only intensified his attacks, incessantly calling out Ryan’s hypocrisy and pandering to special interests.

At the same time, Nehlen has unapologetically sat at the right edge of the Overton window, and recently has been playing the young man’s game of trolling to great effect. One such episode started when dual-citizen Hallel Silverman decided to share her mind:

How about keep your opinions in Israel and don’t worry about what happens here? Nobody asked you. Nobody’s gonna ask you. 

Why not get educated on the effects of gun ban laws versus concealed carry for legal citizens?

Dual citizen, loyal to one.

Leave 🇺🇸please 

Notice which flag Hallel put first. That was no accident. This scuffle apparently caught the attention of lead Chippendale John Podhoretz, who entered the fray with a low-energy insult.

Nehlen’s response sent Podhoretz and pantywaist-Twitter into fits. Podhoretz of course  played the Jew card and fell into the trap, at which point Nehlen finished the job:

Who said anything about Jewish? Oh right, you did.

It would be more appropriate for you to self-deport to Mexico, where you open borders globalists like to get your cheap labor. 

Nehlen’s Twitter feed is relentless, and it’s paying off. Here he is attacking Waleed Shahid, who tries the race card:

Dreamers get their due:

And the attacks on Ryan never cease:

That’s a small sample of Nehlen’s recent tear. This is just one arm of Nehlen’s campaign strategy. He’s consistently working hard at his goal, though the election is still many months away. If he runs, Ryan will have a much tougher time this go-round. If rumors of his retirement are true, Nehlen is in even better position.

You should also be finding opportunities to run for office. Much has been said about how President Trump has changed the political landscape, collapsing the squishy center and pushing the two parties closer to their logical endpoints. This chaos has created many openings, and it is up to us to exploit those opportunities while they’re available.

If we don’t, these windows may slam shut. The Left has not grown timid in the face of defeat. They are furious and will be seeking revenge for decades in measures up to and including the equivalent of Bolshevism. There are hundreds of millions of dollars funding openly anti-White media and advocacy groups. School systems, universities, city councils, state governments, and even churches are doubling down on dispossession and demoralization of Traditional Americans and their values. The time for timid, meet-in-the-middle politics has passed. The stakes are higher than ever, as it’s no longer about effective governance through orderly debate and compromise, but rather ethnic and ideological spoils, using subjective legal interpretation as a tool and political and institutional control as the muscle.

Trump himself, though, is not the model for office-seekers, unless you happen to have billions in net worth and an established media presence. Candidate Nehlen is a better person to emulate for us lower on the logarithmic distribution. Having had a successful career in the private sector, Nehlen can comfortably enter the political arena and use his history as a hard-working, productive citizen to back up his aggressive campaign. He says what his constituents are thinking, never backs down, stays on top of the political scene, supports other candidates nationwide (see his many tweets in support of Judge Moore for the Alabama Senate race), mines lefty salt, and has fun the whole time. Do any of those characteristics sound familiar to you? With just twenty people or so like Paul Nehlen in Congress, there won’t be enough resources in the anti-White establishment to mount an effective resistance.

Whether you’re running for school board, sheriff, or Senate, consider the Nehlen way. Roll up your sleeves, be bold and uncompromising in public and compassionate face-to-face, and have fun while we Make America Great Again.





9 thoughts on “Support and Vote for Paul Nehlen as Wisconsin’s next Congressman in 2018”

  1. In order to have 10 Paul Nehlens, we need to have at least 20 million people who are jwoke.

    It starts from the bottom and it goes to the top.

    For our movement to be a success, each jwoke person needs to be like a Jehova’s Witness…. trying to open people’s eyes to the SIMPLE fact that Jews rule the US.

    It is very simple.
    And the only way you can convince Normies is with facts and data.

    Facts and data cannot be disputed.

    While the Alt-Right creates its own slang, kind of like the Bloods and Crips… when approaching new people, we should avoid cryptic talk and simply provide facts and data about the Jews.
    People don’t understand stuff like “the goyim know” – unless they are already jwoke. They need a neutral, sane explanation, based on facts and data.

    1. We need to reach critical mass. If we have 20 million people, then 10 Paul Nehlens will appear.(and not the other way around. If you have 100.000 jwoke people, even if you have 10 Paul Nehlens, they will go nowhere).

    2. We need to be like Jehovas’ Witnesses, for now at least. The crucial thing is to awaken more people. Go to comment sections, keep posting on the internet.

    3. We need to work together, like an army. 50-100 people can descend onto a comment section, and upvote each other’s comments.
    it’s a psychological thing, when the majority of people say something, other people are automatically persuaded and look into it.

    The Asch Experiment – people are persuaded by a majority opinion and by peer pressure, even when that opinion is wrong

  2. We need to have a website which explains the Jew Question to an absolute beginner.

    We can also have links to Wikipedia to support what we are saying.

    In my process of awakening, nothing woke me up like actually checking things for myself on Wikipedia. Or reading it in Haaretz or Jewish newspapers.

    Because Wikipedia is controlled by Jews… you know the data is not biased against Jews.

    Smoloko is doing a good job educating advanced jwokers.

    But we need a website for absolute beginners, with lots of data and Wikipedia links… just neutral language, similar to Kevin MacDonald. is also a good site, but for a beginner it still sounds nutty. We need something for ABSOLUTE beginners, who are allergic to racism.

    This guy is really good Pastor Steven Anderson.

    He is really good explaining stuff to a beginner.

    We need something like this in website version.

    We also need to start working together, being in contact with each other, to create such websites for beginners.

  3. He’s making the OK – 666 hand symbol, which immediately brings suspicion of controlled opposition. These politicians don’t have to fulfill their promises just as trump pretended to be like Hitler, then ended up being the biggest supporter of jewry of any US president ever, but not until after he was elected. If this guy was a legitimate threat to jewry they would have attacked him with their gangstalking tactics and/or blackmail/framing. He would be removed from society, or at the very least debilitated, like I am. How is it that I am being attacked, but not this guy? I’m not running for public office. Am I a bigger threat to jewry than a politician that has the power to enact laws? I think he’s controlled opposition. I live in Wisconsin and have met Ryan when I was a kid in boy scouts. He spoke to my troop, though I admit don’t know his policies in specific detail. Nehlen seems to be an infiltrator in this case. I’ve lived in WI my whole life and have never heard of Nehlen. He’s got the tan complexion and brown eyes, not typical for a Wisconsinite unless they’re sub-white, or jewish.

    I didn’t know how many juice were in WI (or in USA) until they started attacking me in unison.

    The overtly legitimate opposition gets burned out quickly from being attacked. I’m afraid “Nehlen” is a fraud.

    1. In the “Fash the Nation” program, the narrative that Trump supports Nehlen seems suspicious, not that I don’t believe the statement was made, but that Nehlen truly opposes jewry. Why would Trump support a person who openly opposes israel, when Trump is more committed to israel then even the USA?

      The whole Trump = savior psy-op is still very much an active operation. I’ve known Trump was controlled opposition before he was even elected when he made the speech to american jews proclaiming his unwaivering support for israel.

      Trump gained presidency using the same tactic as Nehlen, by pretending to oppose the juice agenda, then stabbed America in the back. Should we let another traitor do the same?

      1. I am not absolutely sure Nehlen is controlled opposition, but it’s worth looking into. If my suspicion is incorrect I apologize, but I think I made some good points.

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