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Join our new online class series: “The End of Geopolitics: What is the New Paradigm?”

HELGA-ZEPP LAROUCHE WILL TEACH THE FIRST CLASS ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 AT 12:00 EST (classes will continue on Saturdays through April 28, including special registration-only classes).

Most political discussion today has no relevance to reality. Who is addressing the issues that will determine the next 50 to 100 years on this planet? There is really only one question on table: will the United States and Europe continue their desperate attempt to maintain geopolitical hegemony by attacking Russia and China, or will we instead adopt a new paradigm of win-win cooperation, joining the renaissance of infrastructure and economic development led by China’s New Silk Road?

We’re looking at a potential historic shift as profound as the transition from the European Dark Ages into the Golden Renaissance, and you are needed to help make that happen! 

On February 10, Helga Zepp-LaRouche will be the first teacher in our new weekly class series, “What is the New Paradigm?” This seven-course series will help participants gain a deeper understanding of geopolitics, the underlying philosophical views about human nature, the uniquely human capability for creativity which unites all cultures and civilizations, the principles underlying “win-win” collaboration, the political importance of classical culture, and the changes in thinking urgently required in the United States. We will conclude with steps you can take to make these visions a reality.

Make 2018 the year we end geopolitics! 

Registration is required for full access to the course, including special classes only for registered participants.

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