HOW THE ZIONIST MAFIA La Kosher Nostra Does It

AHow They Do It–‘You Want a Girl? How Many?’…Tapes Reveal How Right-wing Group Tried to Make East Jerusalem Jewish by TUT editor

Right-wing groups often used coercion tactics to acquire Palestinian property in East Jerusalem

ed note–keep in mind a few items here.

1. These are religious Jews. The group Ateret Cohanim–‘crown of the priests’–runs a yeshiva in East Jerusalem where the students spend their entire day studying–drum role please–the Torah.

2. Please note that the tactics used are something one would see in an episode of The Sopranos, and with good reason–organized crime/mafia tactics are not as much a La Cosa Nostra thing as they are a La Kosher Nostra thing.

3. And finally, note the very close relationship that this group enjoys with the governing authorities in East Jerusalem, and even though it lists mainly low-level authorities, all can rest assured that this group operates with the approval of the Israeli government itself, going all the way to the top.

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