Judge Emmet Sullivan Makes False Statement; Coup Continues….LaRouchePAC Daily….Deep State Funded by Rothschild Zionist Mafia [Khazars] Funded by Drugged Up American People

Judge Emmet Sullivan Goes Off the Rails on Flynn; Makes Crazed, Unhinged and Completely False Statements, Coup Continues

From the available reporting, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan went completely off the rails today in the sentencing hearing concerning Michael Flynn. Many counted on Judge Sullivan, the man with the reputation for investigating and causing prosecution of illegal Justice Department tactics. Judge Sullivan, after all, famously called the Justice Department to account in the prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens, courageously tossing the entire case because of failures to produce exculpatory evidence to Stevens’ defense. It was hoped that someone with Sullivan’s reputed judicial integrity and courage would brake and call to account Robert Mueller’s legal assassins, who are intent on destroying President Donald Trump and anyone associated with him. That hope, at least today, proved illusory. Judge Sullivan appears to have an extreme case of Trump derangement syndrome in full bloom or to be under some other nefarious influence, possibly located in the numerous sealed Mueller filings in the case, or other national security whisperings from the intelligence community. This writer has personally witnessed a normally balanced and rational Judge completely changing posture, turning both hostile and stark white with his hair on end, after viewing [i]in camera[/i] national security submissions from the United States government, or having words whispered to him from this quarter.READ MORE

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