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NY Times: Rouhani Urges Calm in Iran as Protests Continue

The CIA / Mossad Axis of Trickery is up to its usual tricks again. This time around, as it was in 2009, the target of their patented “spontaneous” demonstrations is big bad Iran. In spite of Trump’s highly disappointing (or cleverly calculated?) encouragement of this latest “Color Revolution,” it too will surely fizzle out. We can only hope that Trump’s absurdly libelous “tweet” on the matter is just part of a strategy to keep the warmongering Zionist crazies happy without actually giving them anything — a ploy not unlike his fake bombing of Syria and his pretended belligerence toward North Korea.
Face-palm indeed! Trump’s anti-Iranian verbal crap often makes us wonder if his war against the Globalists is being waged solely for the benefit of Israeli ultra-nationalism. Only time will tell.
The Slimes article, authored by Rick Gladstone (cough cough) and Martin Fackler (cough cough) dishonestly cites Iranian President Rouhani’s “failure to improve people’s livelihoods” as the cause of the demonstrations. In reality, whatever legitimate dissatisfaction that young Iranians may feel over the nation’s economic problems, those grievances should be redirected toward “the free world”  for inflicting years of economic harm upon peaceful Iran. Even now, despite the relaxation of sanctions and increased sales of oil, harsh U.S. restrictions, including a ban on access to America’s banking system, remain in place. This, along with the uncertainty regarding Trump’s future actions, is keeping many foreign companies and investors in a “let’s wait and see” mode with regard to Iran. The traitor-leaders of the Iranian street mobs understand this, of course. But the average “student protester” or young unemployed professional may not.
In a possible sign that Trump’s provocative tweets may just be another of the many necessary strategic deceptions that we know he employs,  the sodomite Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) expressed a bit of dissatisfaction over Trump’s response to the protests. Said McCain the Insane’s little butt-boy on CBS’s DeFace the Nation:
“It’s not enough to watch. President Trump is tweeting very sympathetically to the Iranian people. But you just can’t tweet here. You have to lay out a plan.”
In other words, Sodomite Graham wants war, but Trump doesn’t seem interested.

https://www.iranhumanrights.org/wp-content/uploads/Screen-Shot-2017-12-06-at-2.50.33-PM-e1512589910120.png http://s.newsweek.com/sites/www.newsweek.com/files/styles/lg/public/2016/01/25/0125rouhanieurope01.jpg https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/postandcourier.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/b/30/b3067272-ee48-11e7-8929-570ccb3ab6f0/5a491220dc395.image.jpg
1. Demonstrators in a handful of cities through out Iran “sprung up” suddenly to protest against President Hassan Rouhani (Image 2). 3. Sodomite Grahamwants Trump to do more than just “tweet” against Iran.
Since the days of the 1790’s French Revolution, to the multiple “Springtime of the Peoples” revolts in 1848, to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, to the various attempted Communist revolutions following World War I, to the CIA’s Iranian Coup of 1953, to the CIA’s Guatemalan Coup of 1954, to the CIA’s Brazilian Coup of 1964, to the “Hippie” demonstrations of the 1960’s, to the CIA/Soros “Velvet Revolutions” (Eastern Europe) of 1989, to the CIA/Soros Tienanmen Square uprising of 1989, to the CIA/Soros Georgian Coup of 2003, to the CIA/Soros Ukrainian Coup of 2005, to the CIA/Soros/ Mossad Arab Spring of 2010, to the CIA/Soros large Brazilian Football / Soccer Protests of 2013, to the CIA/Soros Second Ukrainian Coup of 2014, to the Soros-funded anti-Trump rallies of early 2017 (which have suddenly fizzled due to an unseen crackdown on Soros financing) — the usual suspects and their hired henchmen have skillfully manipulated idealists and useful idiots of every stripe to create “spontaneous uprisings”  — usually led by “students.” Once the rent-a-mobs get started, the Piranha Press assures the boobs watching at home that the movement is indeed “spontaneous” — as they await the pre-planned and televised (“the whole world is watching” ) violence which they will then blame on “the regime.”
This time in Iran is no different, as the article’s following line, quoting an “expert,” shows:
“The ongoing protests show no well-defined demands, no leadership or organization, and are diffuse around Iran,” Cliff Kupchan, (cough cough) the chairman of the Eurasia Group, a Washington-based political risk consultancy, said in an advisory emailed to clients on Sunday.”
Multiple cities at the same time, catchy marketing themes, professional props, thousands of protesters — but “no leadership or organization,” eh Kupchan?  Suuuure.
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Horace_Vernet-Barricade_rue_Soufflot.jpg http://www.cjnotebook.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/arab-spring-2.jpg https://foreignpolicyblogs.com/wp-content/uploads/C.-Kupchan_headshot-1024x967.jpg
Mobs of political protesters are never “leaderless” nor “spontaneous.” Financing, advance conspiratorial planning and a capable corp of street captains are ALWAYS involved — and devious scum like Cliff Kupchan (a notorious Russia-hating Globalist) damn well knows it!
https://gdb.voanews.com/E60CF3EE-BBB5-4B4B-A006-67EFDFDF9DC6_w1023_s.jpg https://www.theepochtimes.com/assets/uploads/2017/12/31/2017-12-31T160201Z_1_LYNXMPEDBU0FV_RTROPTP_3_IRAN-RALLIES-700x420.jpg
 Evidently, the “spontaneity” bug also bit “leaderless” Iranian traitors living in London. See how they all went out and “spontaneously” bought themed yellow umbrellas and professional banners within hours of the protests “spontaneously” breaking out in Iran. 



  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about the spontaneous demonstrations breaking out all over Iran.The people are really fed up with that regime.

Boobus Americanus 2: You can only oppress the will of the people so long before they say enough is enough.


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