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King Michael acknowledging applause after speaking in Romania’s Parliament in 2011. Beside him was his eldest daughter, Princess Margareta, and her husband, Prince Radu Duda, left.

N Y Times: King Michael of Romania, Who Ousted a Hitler Puppet, Dies at 96

King Michael of Romania is dead, eh? We didn’t even realize that this bumbling loser was still alive all this time, until we glanced this headline. Good riddance to him too! The opening lines explain why Sulzberger’s Slimes would grant him such a puff-piece for a eulogy:

“King Michael of Romania, who was credited with pre-emptively saving thousands of lives in World War II when, at 22, he had the audacity to arrest the country’s dictator, a puppet of Hitler, died on Tuesday at his residence in Switzerland. He was 96.”

His shining achievement came on Aug. 23, 1944, when Michael, whose powers were perceived as largely ceremonial, bravely summoned Hitler’s crony Ion Antonescu, the fascist dictator of Romania, to his palace and arrested him.
1. The young King Michael (circa 1944)  2. Ion Antonescu, shaking hands with Hitler, was arrested on the King’s orders. 3.1946: The brave and noble Antonescu is executed by a firing squad. A communist officer makes sure that he is dead by shooting him once more in the head.


For the record, Ion Antonescu was neither a “puppet” nor a “crony” of The Great One (that’s Hitler for you newbies and normies). Of the various states that fought alongside Germany in the East (Finland, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia) not one fought against their own will or under German influence. No, they fought because they all realized the imminent danger which Stalin and the Jewish Bolsheviks posed to all of Europe. And in Romania’s case, the Soviets had already initiated hostilities by invading parts of eastern Romania in June, 1940. 

By the time King Michael removed Antonescu, the tide of the war had already turned against Germany. One could therefore make the reasonable argument that Michael was only trying to spare his people further hardship. But he went much further than he needed to. In addition to breaking Romania’s pact with Germany, he and his cohorts actually declared war against an already nearly-defeated Germany! To assist in that war effort, an agreement was signed, in Moscow, containing the following stipulations:

Article 3:

The Government and High Command of Rumania will ensure to the Soviet and other Allied forces facilities for free movement on Rumanian territory in any direction if required by the military situation, the Rumanian Government and High Command of Rumania giving such movement every possible assistance with their own means of communications and at their own expense on land, on water and in the air.

Article 18: 

An Allied Control Commission will be established which will undertake until the conclusion of peace the regulation of and control over the execution of the present terms under the general direction and orders of the Allied (Soviet) High Command, acting on behalf of the Allied Powers.
Annex to Article 18:
The Rumanian Government and their organs shall fulfill all instructions of the Allied Control Commission arising out of the Armistice Agreement.”
After the conclusion of this Armistice Agreement in 1944, Stalin occupied the entire territory of Romania with 1 million troops. When the war in Europe had ended (May, 1945), the Red Army stayed there until Romania finally slipped into communist totalitarianism in 1947 (surprise surprise). Michael protested and argued for the preservation of a constitutional monarchy. But when Stalin’s boys forced him to abdicate at gunpoint, Michael finally realized who he had been partnering with.
An interesting excerpt from the article details how the tragic folly of King Michael’s easy capitulation to the Soviet played out in the end:

“Stalin ordered Romania to get rid of its king. Romania’s prime minister, Petru Groza, was persuasive: He threatened to execute 1,000 of Michael’s supporters, and Michael himself, if he did not abdicate.

“It was blackmail,” Michael told The New York Times in 2007. “They said, ‘If you don’t sign this immediately we are obliged’ — why obliged I don’t know — to kill more than 1,000 students that they had in prison.”

What did you expect from these bloody Bolsheviks, eh Mikey? Did you think that they would actually allow a Christian Monarchy to rule Romania? You big dope!

Three years after allowing 1,000,000 Soviet troops to just walk into his country, the idiot King was forced to sign an abdication letter and flee communist Romania for his life. — Stalin must surely have been greatly amused.

King Michael eventually settled in Switzerland as Romania was left to suffer under four decades under communism, before being integrated into the modern day communist European Union —  all because some 22-year old ass clown had opened up his country’s borders and literally welcomed in 1,000,000 of Stalin’s “temporary” invaders. Had Michael allied with the United States and Britain but resisted Stalin’s demand for a “peaceful” occupation, Romania (like Greece) might have been able to hold out against its internal communists and then receive western protection when the first phase of the “Cold War” started in 1946.
Would it not have been worth resisting when as many as two million Romanians ended up being murdered or persecuted by the communists of Romania? (here) And yet the Slimes credits this royal rascal with “saving lives!” Of course, in the end, all of Europe would fall to “kinder gentler” EU communism anyway.
The saddest part of this tragic farce is that upon King Michael ‘s post-communist era visits to Romania, he drew huge crowds and died a popular figure. Evidently, most Romanians do not know the story of how this idiot rolled out a red carpet for those 1,000,000 Soviets who just strolled right in, and overstayed their welcome. It is Ion Antonescu who ought to be remembered and honored by Romanians, not this short-sighted fool.
The idiot who rolled out the red carpet for 1,000,000 of Stalin’s troops remained highly regarded by Boobus Romania until the end.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read a story in the New York Times today about the passing of Romania’s King Michael. During World War II, the young King had the foresight to break Romania’s alliance with Germany and side with the Allies in 1944.

Boobus Americanus 2: Interesting. I never knew Romania was once allied with Hitler.


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