NATO Type Alliance Served as the Ignition Switch for WWI a Century Ago-Will It Be Switch For WW3?

Trump Questions the Core of NATO as a ‘Mutual Self-Defense’ alliance

by TUT editor

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ed note–all can rest assured that Trump and Carlson chosing Montenegro as the hypothetical flashpoint for WWIII was/is due to the fact that it is so geographically close to Sarajevo, where after the assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophia and due to the alliances (like NATO) that existed at the time, served as the ignition switch for WWI a century ago.

Please check the idiocy of Andrew Weiss vice president at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, quoted as saying that Trump’s comments on Montenegro sounded as if they were ‘lifted from Kremlin talking points’ and ‘who on earth could have planted this riff in his head about tiny Montenegro possibly starting World War III?’, as if equally-tiny Sarajevo were not the starting point for WWI.

Furthermore, keep in mind what the ‘core mission’ of NATO was/is/always will be–

–War against Christian Russia by a thoroughly-Judaized West for the benefit of Judea, Inc.

We’ve said it before and it bears repeating–Jews lie.

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President Trump, who rattled U.S. allies at a NATO meeting last week, voiced concern in a television interview broadcast Tuesday …


How They Do It– ‘Only This President Could Make Montenegro a Foreign Policy Problem

by TUT editor

ed note–Anyone who actually watched the interview between Trump and Tucker Carlson will see right away that Montenegro was singled out in this discussion in order to underscore how a world war possibly involving 7 billion people can be started as a result of one tiny country being part of an alliance such as NATO and getting into some conflict with a country such as Russia. The author of this piece is either an idiot or else is just a proud member of the Trump hater brigade and is trying to make something out of nothing in the interests of adding his own useless voice to the wall of noise that is being generated by the Judaic Shrillharmonic Orchestra in trying to wear Trump down before he can progress too far with his plans.

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