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As Lyndon LaRouche Once Said: “Get the Tractors Rolling.”

The brilliant success of the Helsinki Summit between Presidents Trump and Putin brings to mind an important lesson from an earlier event, the 1993 Oslo Accord and its aftermath. Following that historic accord, signed by Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in Washington in 1993, Lyndon LaRouche praised the effort (negotiated in secret with the Clinton Administration, keeping the British out), but warned that the two sides must immediately “get the tractors rolling,” or the British and their assets would stall, and eventually destroy, the process. The advice was not accepted — the IMF and World Bank were put in charge of the development process spelled out in the agreement, imposing typical IMF political and financial “conditionalities,” and, as a result, nothing happened, ending up in a second intifada.READ MORE

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