Russia to Become ‘Mediator’ in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process?

Russia ready to become ‘mediator’ in Israeli-Palestinian peace process – Russian envoy to UN

by TUT editor

ed note–as predicted here first, to wit–

‘Enter from stage left, Vladimir Putin…

He is now the most popular and respected leader in the world, and in the Middle East, following the role his country played in defeating the western/Zionist hatched terrorists known as ISIS, Russia is standing tall and looking good.

Good enough even, to broker the peace negotiations.

And the theory here is that this is exactly what Trump and Putin discussed when they met in Asia a mere 4 weeks before Trump’s ‘Jerusalem’ declaration, that Putin would step in as Trump and the US step out.

And it is within this light–of Putin assuming the role as negotiator of the peace agreement–that the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria needs to be viewed, and not as much as our esteemed Hebraic author asserts, that it was done as a ‘re-election’ ploy. Putin is already wildly popular in Russia and did not need to do this in helping out his electability.’

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TUT editor | 12/19/2017 at 9:34 | Categori

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