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Bitcoin an NSA psyop? Plus top solutions for your home health…
Mike Adams Is Bitcoin a psyop creation of the NSA? Evidence raises questions about whether the NSA is actually behind the cryptocurrency.

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Also today: I’ve got three recommendations for protecting your health at home to make sure you have clean air and water. This article lists three possible solutions and their pros and cons.

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Researchers may have found a link between Alzheimer’s disease and a common class of herbicidesBy Ethan Huff | Read the full story
Superfoods to combat arthritis: Ginger, berries, fish and other anti-inflammatory foodsBy Zoey Sky | Read the full story
Sponsor: 1 spoonful a day stuns oncologists
7 simple health tips for protecting your brain and cognitive functionBy Ralph Flores | Read the full story
Trump administration launches investigation into Planned Parenthood for trafficking baby body partsBy Jayson Veley | Read the full story
Sponsor: Reap the benefits of two nutritional powerhouses with this Pure Microalgae Superfood Blend
Double the benefit: Exercise outside to get the combined benefits of vitamin D and fitness – research shows they work better togetherBy Jhoanna Robinson | Read the full story
Sponsor: Harvard researcher discovers 7 “secret” nutrients that can improve your aging vision by up to 82 percent
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More of Today’s Articles64M in Bitcoin was just stolen by hackers who targeted the NiceHash marketplace
Another major cryptocurrency heist is being reported in this news, this time at an online Bitcoin marketplace known as NiceHash. According to reports, hackers were somehow able to break into the …

No Science allowed: Anyone who dares mention that vaccines contain aluminum is immediately derided as an “anti-vaxxer”
Some of the most controversial ingredients added to almost every vaccine are aluminum salts. Aluminum plays a valuable role in vaccine efficacy, boosting the vaccine’s ability to generate an …

Scientists accidentally admit rapid global warming happened 56M years ago, Long before humans, cars and combustion engines
Global warming has been a subject of intense debate for years; there’s no doubt about that. But, it seems that much for the fanfare surrounding “climate change” may be nothing more …

Probiotics as medicine: Proper yeast balance in the gut microbiome found to help schizophrenia sufferers
Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder where in a person displays abnormal social behavior and a failure to differentiate between reality and fantasy. More often than not, schizophrenic …

Five times CNN blew it in 2017 with Fake News “bombshells” while trying to play “gotcha” with Trump
As the Trump administration nears its first year in office, the so-called “mainstream media” has had one fail after another, reporting more fake news stories based on bogus “sources” than at any …

New study finds older people should pump more iron: Weight training has better results than cardio in the over 60 crowd
People ages 60 years and older might want to try weight training for a number of reasons, researchers at the Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North …

Death Traps: The Health Ranger explains why it’s impossible to evacuate large cities
In a recent podcast, Natural News foundereditor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, sat down to explain why it will be inherently dangerous to be living in a large city should there be a “stuff hits …

Liberals go insane, blame Trump for wildfires in Los Angeles
If a fleet of alien spaceships were to visit earth and start destroying our entire planet, the liberals would no doubt blame Donald Trump. Why? Because the President gets blamed for everything …

Atrial fibrillation may be caused by stress: Research shows yoga improves quality of life for sufferers by lowering heart rate, blood pressure
Atrial fibrillation is a cardiac rhythm disorder marked by the rapid and irregular beating of the atrium. Currently, there is no known cure for this condition, while management focuses on relief …

2017’s best hiking shoes for men: Best for comfort, aggressive hiking, and more
One of the hurdles for hikers is picking the right shoe. Some are incredibly cheap but super absorbent. Others are water-resistant but overly priced. Based on reviews of the best hiking shoes, …

Omega-3 benefits for brain health are well documented; now researchers have determined they help prevent Alzheimer’s
As mainstream science continues trying to find that ever elusive “cure” for Alzheimer’s disease, researchers from Texas have been busy identifying more …

Beginner’s guide to raising chickens: Terms you definitely need to know
Raising backyard chickens has been gaining popularity recently because of its varied benefits, including additional food and income. If you are just attempting to try your hand at this …

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