Injecting Aluminum in Zionist Occupied Governments!

Hello Friends!

Today is the last day to watch “Injecting Aluminum” for FREE! As a holiday gift, we have extended the deadline to watch for free until Midnight PST tonight!

Share the link with your friends, legislators, educators, and medical professionals who need to learn about the risks of aluminum in vaccines!

Below is your link to watch the film for free:

Please note that the free screening event is only open to those living in the US, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand.
Along with the free screening event for the entire week,
we are offering a limited time

40% off DVD sale 
for “Injecting Aluminum” DVDs until 12/31!

You must enter a special promo code to receive the 40% off special pricing. Enter code IA at checkout in the Cinema Libre Store to get 40% off your “Injecting Aluminum” single and multi-DVD packs until 12/31!

**You must enter the code IA (or any of our partner codes) to receive the 40% off!**

If you are purchasing DVDs and would like to receive them in the U.S. for the holidays, orders must be placed by TODAY, December 11th.

Get a copy (or 5 copies! Or 10 copies!) for your legislators, educators, and medical professionals!

Use discount code IA in the store to get 40% off your “Injecting Aluminum” purchase. The proceeds from your purchases help our affiliates to continue their advocacy work, and allow us here at Cinema Libre to continue distributing films just like this one.

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