Hellenism is Alive and Well -in the Diaspora!

Hellenism is alive and well – in the Diaspora!

by TUT editor

When Yehuda Maccabee shouted, “Follow me,” in the battle for the Hebrew sovereignty in the Land of Israel, the Jewish Hellenists stayed home.

ed note–as we say here often, one simply cannot understand the bigger picture of what is taking place today on the geo-political grandscale–from Israel to Netanyahu to Trump to Alan Dershowitz–without first understanding the past, and especially that past revolving around the events between Greece-Rome and its antithesis, Judea.

Although our esteemed Hebraic author focuses his discussion on how those ‘Jews’ in the diaspora today are a shame to their religion, culture, tradition, and to the ‘divine spark’ within them that is the ‘birthright’ of every Jew simply by virtue of the accidental circumstance of them being born to a Jewish woman, what this discussion really reveals is the utter contempt and organic, autonomic rejection that Judaism and those who follow it hold for the religion, culture, tradition, etc of the Greco-Roman world, the modern day manifestation of which is represented by Western Christian civilization.

This is a very important item to keep in mind, and particularly these days as Judea, Inc maintains a very slick, seductive PR campaign in convincing the West that it is the Jewish state and her people who are not only the originators of ‘Western’ civilization, but as well, the protectors of it with respect to Israel being the ‘only democracy’ in the Middle East.

This–as made clear by the mad rantings of our esteemed Hebraic polemicist–is sheer nonsense, a fact underscored not only by the history of the last 2,500 years, but as well, by the fact that today, ‘Hnooka’–the religious celebration of the Judaic rejection of Greek (Western) culture in what came to be called the Maccabean revolt–is in full swing.

Make no mistake about it–all this seductive noise about ‘Judeo-Christianity’ and Israel being a ‘Western’ country is nothing more than schtick and schmooze, meant to grease the skids of Western money, military support and political protection for Israel. The fact that Israel chose the Menorah–the symbol of the Maccabean revolt against Greece–as her national symbol (as much as the United States chose the eagle of Rome as hers) was not by some accident. Israel today–despite the very seductive language she uses–is at war with Western civilization and is absolutely 666% intent upon seeing it destroyed, a fact that will make itself manifestly clear once the West has ‘paid its debt’ to Judea and is then devoured–not unlike Little Red Ridinghood in the children’s story–by the Judaic wolf disguising itself as harmless and friendly. Read more of this post

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