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Fermented Black Garlic
Used by Egyptian Pharaohs for Spiritual Benefits, This Vegetable Has Super Powers

Not only that, Greek and Roman athletes used it for strength and courage before events. It must offer something of value as over 250 million pounds of it are consumed in this country each year. See what happens when it undergoes double fermentation.

Your Sunday Articles
stents heart disease treatment
Did You Know That 4 in 5 Heart Attacks Are Not Caused by Blocked Arteries?

If heart attacks aren’t caused by a blocked artery or even high cholesterol, then what does cause them? The 3 primary causes of heart attacks are factors that few people or even cardiologists expect. Luckily, there are safe, nontoxic and effective ways to address them.

glazed ham recipe
Prepare Your Own Glazed Ham Wherever and Whenever You Want It

You don’t have to feel guilty the next time you eat glazed ham, and you most certainly don’t have to settle for processed supermarket-bought varieties that are loaded with additives. Here is a healthy and delicious homemade glazed ham recipe you’ll absolutely love.

Most Shared
Most Shared
Glitter Has Become a Global Hazard

Children, adults and marine wildlife find glitter fascinating. Much of it enters waterways as food-sized microplastic particles. I’ll share why glitter is receiving attention from environmentalists and safer alternatives to meet your needs.

Most Viewed
This Oil Could Soon Be Banned, Why It’s a Reprehensible Tragedy

Hundreds of patients have shared incredible stories about this remarkable oil, yet it could soon be banned – with thousands of catastrophically ill and dying people getting the raw end of the deal.

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Nestle Bursts Bubble, Is This the Start of a Marvelous New Era?

Could this dinosaur be about to die, as things are thrown into disarray? It’s great news, but it’s causing online incivility to get bad among dietitians. Stay tuned for this coming attraction.

Top Pet Article
Top Pet Article
Nearly 1 in 4 Owners Add This to Their Pet’s Food – Do You?

There’s a growing trend among pet owners, yet the practice clearly isn’t always in the pet’s best interests. The astonishing interpretation that many owners make, believing this is somehow helping their pets. Plus, 5 simple ways to turn that around.

Top Fitness Article
Top Fitness Article
The Workout Your Brain Craves

Do you give your brain this mind-enhancing workout? If you want to grow new neurons, improve your IQ and prevent age-related brain deterioration, do this. In one recent study, a significant memory boost was gained in just six weeks.

Ultimate Guide to Herbal Oils
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