Sexual Predators: ‘Harvey Sounds Innocent..But IS NOT!’

Weinstein’s impact: List of men accused of sexual misconduct

by TUT editor

Since initial report on Hollywood producer, number of figures in entertainment and media facing similar allegations continues to grow

ed note–over half the people listed on this are Jewish, and not by coincidence.

All can rest assured that this great bloodletting was not some form of ‘spontaneous combustion’, a quirk or that Hollywood suddenly ‘got Jesus’. Someone put this into motion, and we can all just forget about the notion that it was organized Jewish interests themselves who did this, as they stand everything to lose and nothing whatsoever to gain.

So the obvious and relative question at this point is, cui bono? Who gains from this, and, just as importantly, who has the resources at his disposal to force the JMSM’s hand in exposing all this?

Well, probably the guy who has been under siege from day one when he announced his intention to run for the presidency and who has stated over and over again his plans for freeing America from present course that can only end in her demise. This is the guy who announced in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that the name ‘Harvey’ ‘sounds like such an innocent name,’ but that it wasn’t ‘innocent’, who assembled all his top military leaders and announced that it was the ‘calm before the storm’ and who now has announced that he and his team are nearing completion of their own ‘final solution’ to the problem existing in the Middle East between Israel and those unfortunate Gentiles forced to live in her close proximity.

Some may have grown weary hearing all the lurid details concerning the various perverts, rapists, etc in Hollywood, but in general, people are missing the point to all of this. It is not about sex crimes, but rather about setting the stage for the implosion of a nest of spies, murderers, assassins, and extortionists who are every bit as dangerous to America and the world as AIPAC, the ADL, the Federal Reserve, etc.Read more of this post

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