Calm Before the Storm is OVER-Hurricane Harvey is in Full Force

Hurricane Harvey, Continued– Six women accuse Jewish filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct

by TUT editor

ed note–for those scratching their heads over these latest developments where ‘machers’–powerful Jews–in Hollywood are going down, one at a time, it can all be summed up in 2 words–‘

Trump, Inc’.

The war between Trump and those organized Jewish interests–who first worked to prevent his election and now are working feverishly through the paid services of Robert Mueller to have Trump removed under the auspices that he is a ‘Russian Spy’–is the reason why suddenly all are witnessing cases of this sort, where criminal Judaic behavior that has been taking place in broad daylight for generations suddenly becomes front page news and with possible criminal repercussions attached to it all. When Trump talks about the JMSM being the ‘enemy of America’ and promises to ‘drain the swamp’ that is destroying America, this is part and parcel of what it entails, and no one should make the  mistake of thinking it is anything other than a manifestation of the war between Judea, Inc and Trump, Inc.

This was the ‘calm before the storm’ which Trump referenced (standing alongside his top military men) just a short time before the Weinstein issue exploded across the news wires and which has now included several more Jraculas–with many more to come, no doubt–as part of Trump’s war in pulling Pax Americana back from the edge of the abyss while there is still time.

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