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(Judaic) Psychological Warfare against Iran

by TUT editor   (Zionists=Synagogue of SATAN)

ed note–chock full o’ goodies, as we like to say here.

First, as we pointed out here weeks ago vis a vis the whole ‘Kurdish Kwestion’, Israel’s interest in Kurdish separatism does indeed reside in her plans of using the fractured lines of religious, cultural, and ethnic sectarianism as a means for causing Judaic murder, mayhem, and havoc in the region as attested by our esteemed Hebraic author’s own words, to wit–

‘Tehran’s Achilles heel is that the ethnic Persian power structure is based on an unstable and vulnerable majority using Shi’ite religio-fascism as its only political cement…This should be the starting point for actively engaging in a program of psychological warfare against the illegitimate nature of the Iranian unitary state. It is a veritable evil empire, with oppressed ethnic minorities making up almost half its population.’


‘Psychological warfare against Tehran can have one clear message: that the aggressive rule of the ayatollahs is jeopardizing the very existence of the Iranian state itself. When this message is internalized, the Iranian military may turn against the Revolutionary Guards, the major support that keeps the ayatollahs in power. This can offer hope of freedom for all the peoples of the Iranian empire, including, of course, freedom for the great Persian people itself.’


‘We Jews need to utilize the sectarian lines in stage managing a campaign of ceaseless false flag terrorism against the Iranian people (blamed of course on the Azeris, Arabs, Kurds and Baluchis) in order to create so much political instability that the power structure itself will have to capitulate and in the process–VOILA/Mazel Tov–the ‘Persian Spring’.

What our esteemed Hebraic author fears–and what all Judaics fear–is Iran’s steadfast and reasonable approach to dealing with the Jewish problem in the region, unlike their non-Persian counterparts in the Arab world who are emotional and easily agitated and thus easy to manipulate and control when it suits Israel’s interests. Iran’s 1979 revolution wherein the corrupting and corrosive influence (domination) of the Zionized west was thrown out proved that this was a ‘different breed of cat’ that needed to be taken seriously, and now, with Iran working closely with a nuclear armed Russia in cleaning up that next of vipers which Israel and America set loose in Syria, the Jews have all the more reason to be worried.

And finally, let all understand that when our esteemed Hebraic author references the ‘great Persian people’ who ‘deserve freedom,’ keep in mind that as a ‘good Jew’ he celebrates yearly–just as his tribal cousins have for thousands of years–the destruction of the ‘great Persian people’ in the Judaic religious festival of mass murder and revenge known as Purim.

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