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NY Times: Smuggled, Beaten and Drugged: The Illicit Global Ape Trade

The New York Times tracked international ape smugglers from Congolese rain forests to the back streets of Bangkok. Here is what unfolded.


Today’s issue of the Anti-New York Times isn’t so much a “rebuttal” as it is a supplement to an incomplete story, with a “big picture” linkage to one of our most written-about topics — the death of the West.

The Slimes’ article about ape-trafficking (babies in particular) is disturbing on two levels. First of all, we as animal-lovers are repulsed by the physical and psychological abuse of such highly intelligent and emotional beings. Apes are social animals and live in large groups. The poachers will often wipe out entire families just to get their hands on a single infant, which is easier for them to smuggle. That’s what initially caught our attention.



Kidnapped, abused and sold off for a variety of economic reasons.


But as we began pulling on a single thread which was left dangling by the article, we were shocked to discover that the kidnapped baby apes are not all just ending up in zoos, freak shows or as pets for the wealthy, as you might expect. Those are all parts of the reason for the trade, but there is something else. A single line from the article, embedded in the paragraph below, piqued our curiosity and led us down a disgusting rabbit-hole. That “loose thread” should jump out at you, but we bold-lettered it anyway:

“Disturbing stories often lie behind those pictures. Many chimps have been drugged with muscle relaxers or alcohol to make them easier to handle. Some are trained to smoke cigarettes and guzzle beer. Orangutans are gentler than chimps, but still, they are not always gentle, and investigators say zoo trainers sometimes beat them with lead pipes wrapped in rolled-up newspapers to force them to perform tricks. Several years ago, the Indonesian police rescued a female orangutan who had been shaved and was being used as a prostitute at a brothel.”

Yes, you heard right. Baby apes, orangutans mainly, are, just like many human females, being rounded-up by what the story describes as highly sophisticated “Mafia-like” trafficking rings (the usual suspects, perhaps?) and forced into lives of drugged-up “prostitution” in “brothels” — and the “johns” are humans! From, a review of a story originally appearing in the Spanish newspaper, La Gaceta, and confirmed by multiple sources:

Headline: Animal Prostitution: Orangutan’s Trading in Asia and “Bestiality Brothels” in Europe

“Karmele Llano, a Spanish vet who works in the Borneo Orangutan Survival (Borneo, Southeast Asia), denounced the existence of traffickers who caught female orangutans to force them into prostitution in some countries of Asia, according to the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta.

Llano reported the discovery of a 12 year old female orangutan named Pony, which had been completely shaved, washed, perfumed, and even had her lips painted. “Pony” was chained to a bed, to make easy and free of incidentals the abuse of the poor animal by the customers of a brothel in a village in Central Borneo (Indonesia) called Keremgpangi. They were required 30 state police officers to dislodge the brothel and rescue the animal, who is recovering now in the Bangamat river island…”



The depths of human depravity know no bounds. Orangutans dolled up like hookers and raped. The dog in image 3 was taken from a German “bestiality brothel.”


Of course, the sex-slavery of human women and children worldwide (and we know that the usual suspects are heavily involved in that!) should be our top priority. The story of bestiality brothels is nonetheless uniquely revolting and also needs to be told. You see, it’s not just the riff-raff of the Turd World engaging in this nauseatingly perverted “alternative lifestyle.”  In the oh-so-enlightened modern Germany of Mamma Merkel, where “Holocaust Denial”  will get you arrested but bestiality activism is “tolerated,”  (here) an organization called “ZETA” (Zoophiles Engaged for Tolerance and Enlightenment) fights for “tolerance”  of human-on-animal sex.

In light of allegations that 500,000 animals (mainly dogs, sheep and goats) were dying annually in Germany due to “extreme sexual practices,” bestiality was finally banned there in 2012. But whereas Holocaust Denial ™ will land you in a German prison, bestiality is only considered a misdemeanor, punishable by fines — assuming the law is even enforced.

The demented beast-rapists of Germany, evidently undaunted by the German law, continue their legal fight for their “sexual rights.” And whereas 80-something and 90-something year old SS heroes and World War II “revisionists”  languish in German prisons, ZETA’s activists carry on lobbying and even operate a perfectly legal website to organize around — which we will post here as evidence, but will not link to. ( A large bestiality ring was also uncovered in ultra-libtardedSweden in 2008 (here). And in the other Scandinavian cesspools of Denmark and Finland, bestiality brothels remain legal. What’s next — “tolerance” ™ for those who have “sex” with the dead? 

We leave you with the side-by-side comparison below — which speak volumes about what Germany — and all of Europe — have become as the direct long-term consequence of what the usual suspects like to call, “The Good War.” God save us.



1. German Ursula Haverbeck publicly questions the lie of the Holohoax, and sits in prison for it. 2. German Michael Kiok of ZETA publicly advocates for animal rape, and is “tolerated.”    3. The Great One, a vegetarian who enacted animal protection laws, does a face-palm in disgust. 


 Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in the New York Times today about the illegal trafficking of baby apes. It mentioned that some were used as prostitutes in southeast Asia.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow! I don’t mean to sound racist, but it is shocking to hear that in this day and age, certain parts of the third world could remain so cruel and uncivilized.



Sugar:  Animal rapists aren’t jusst in the Turd World, Boobuss! This sstuff is happening in Europe and America, and probably at high levelss too.


Editor: When evil is let out of the bottle, anything is possible.




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