America’s Christians Had Better Wake Up……………………………..

Washington’s New Bible Museum Is Long On Torahs — But Short On Jesus

by TUT editor


ed note–No Christian who has spent even 5 minutes reading his/her Gospels should be surprised at this in the least. That Torah Judaism and Gospel Christianity are as opposed to each other as are the wolf and the sheep is as undeniable as Sarah Silverman or Harvey Weinstein. Jesus made it very clear in His various statements that there could be no co-mixing of His message of honesty, peace, compassion, etc with the various protocols making up the violent, rapacious, and duplicitous precepts of Judaism. ‘No man can serve 2 masters’, and ‘I send you out as sheep amidst the wolves’ were not just flowery words meant to pass the time, but indeed, factual statements meant to convey to His (true) followers that Judaism was their mortal, eternal enemy, as well as that of the entire human race.

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