Gloria Steinem is a CIA ASS-et; Her Job Was to Get Women to Work So the British Empire Could Collect Taxes On Women-Sole Purpose of Her So Called Women’s Liberation-A FAKE! She Works For a Terrorist Organization.

She works for the CIA; That’s where her money came from for Ms. Magazine….she is a CIA ASS-et. I have not found any honest people in the CIA ….all liars and manipulators for agendas not friendly to the United States…the CIA actually works against the American people to destroy families kill people abroad, run coups on decent foreign leaders…CIA are the REAL TERRORISTS…She is there to encourage women to work and abandon families and kids so GOVERNMENT CAN COLLECT TAXES ON WOMEN’S LABOR-IT’S STRICTLY ABOUT THE MONEY HONEY!

CIA works for the British Empire which collects taxes from American people via IRS; Gloria Steinem’s job is to encourage women to work so empire can COLLECT MORE TAXES….ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Here is the FAKE Woman’s Liberationist-A Cabal ASS-et:

She got paid big bucks for screwing up American Society.
Real Research Reveals She is a Totally Evil Narcissist.

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