Sharon (Shows Us Her Crotch) Stone Another Cabal Owned Celebitchy

Sharon Stone

N. A COLD stoned bitch who famously said the may 12th Chinese Earthquake which caused 67,000 death, 365,000 inured, and 21,000 missing is “negative karma”

“And all this earthquake this stuff happened and I thought, is that karma? When you are not nice the bad things happen to you.”.

Adj. A stupid Hollywood celebrity who supports the “anti China” bandwagon just for publicity stunt, fact that they have no knowledge about what they are supporting and have iq less than 40.

Hitler: The holocaust killed 3 million people because it was “negative Karma

Israeli: That comment you just made was COLD BLOOD and colder than that ice picking scene from “Basic Instinct” , you are so Sharon Stone.

by RichardFear May 27, 2008



Here is a bullshit story:

Sharon Stone’s famous leg-crossing scene was filmed without the actress’ knowledge. Stone was asked to take her underwear off, since director Verhoeven raised a point that the actress’ underwear were too bright and reflected at the camera.

Comment: If her underwear was too bright they coulda used BEIGE underwear and being they have access to WARDROBE why didn’t they? Because Sharon Stone and director agreed to expose herself. Hollywood is ALL About the Money and the Cabal Agendas which the Actors/Actresses agree to promote: abortions, open borders, gay anal sex, lesbianism, break-up of the family, transgenders, Multiculturalism in the family and nation, WARS WARS and more WARS. Different actors promote different things but you get the idea. They also promote Russia Hating and China Bashing. Stone was getting old to be a star and was 31 when landing this role for a paltry $500,000 compared to Douglas $14 Million. Don’t think any of her roles since then were much. She was running out of time to be a star.

Sharon Stone, who was thirty one when Basic Instinct was filmed, was considering giving up acting altogether before the film was offered to her. She wanted to pursue a degree in law, when the role of Catherine Tramell landed in her kitty.  Thirteen actresses had turned down the role of Catherine Tramell before it was finally offered to Sharon Stone. Director Paul Verhoeven thought that Stone would suit the character of Tramell after seeing her performance in the 1990 film, Total Recall.

Comment: The distinguishing thing about Sharon Stone are all the Raspberry awards for Worst Actress. LOL Guess it pays to fuck all the right people in Hollywood but I pay having to see these abominable crappy Entertainments. I am Boycotting the Hollywood Film Industry and Entire Lamestream Media and U Should TOO! Sharon Stone Doesn’t Play a Character; She plays herself.

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