Our Slave Traders Run Hellywood and Cater to High Ranking Politicians; “We’ve Been Infiltrated by a Foreign Power” Isaac Kappy Exposes Spielberg, Seth Green, and Oprah Winfrey as Slave Traders


Comment: Most child sex slaves have VERY SHORT LIVES! The British Monarchy & Empire are a Roman Cult under Talmudic law and they are ZIONIST of the Synagogue of Satan. They cater to really sick, sadistic pedophiles. These Luciferians promote baby rapers into the top of our gov’t and Hellywood.

Isaac Kappy Lives

Comment: He may or may not be alive. I believe the FBI is full of paedos and they are controlled by the CIA which is ALL Secret Society Paedos especially at the top. If arrests were being made they should’ve been done by now and aren’t. Seems the Secret Society Paedos get away with EVERYTHING they do.


Isaac Benjamin Kappy was an actor, musician, singer, carpenter and advocate for those who had been through horrible child abuse and satanic ritual abuse as children. Isaac did periscopes with a few hundred followers who he would speak to often about what was happening in Hollywood.  He gave the names of pedophiles who we would’ve never guessed were involved.

Names like Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg, Seth Green, Oprah Winfrey, and Naomi Campbell. Turns out the names he gave were all on the list for the flight logs going into Epstein Island. In Kappy’s song “Jackets and Brackets – Epstein Edition”  he says they let devises in, those idiots. Now we have everything! EVERYTHING!  Devises. Like cell phones that took videos and pictures. Much like the “dead man’s switch people say Isaac left behind.

These could have been taken inside the “temple” on Epstein’s Island (Little St. James Island), but only a few people would know for sure.

They say Isaac Kappy died on May 13, 2019 at 7:22am that Monday morning. They say he jumped from (or forced himself off of ) a bridge.  This was an overpass in Bellmont, Arizona off of Old Historic  Highway Route 66.
The time 7:22 is interesting also. July 22 (7/22) 2018 is when Isaac came out speaking about the pedophiles in Hollywood.  They say that’s the time he died after “forcing himself off the bridge”. 

I don’t believe that’s what happened.

Most people believe this narrative because of a you tuber named Phoenix Enigma, or Corey Daniel. Because he lives in the area where Isaac supposed to have died people have called him the authority on the story. I don’t agree with this.

Let me tell you why.

According to Corey’s YT videos Isaac died at 7:22am.  Also Corey shows a dash cam footage of what supposed to be a military vehicle going across the bridge at 7:20am.  This dash cam footage shows Isaac sitting on the railing of the overpass.  Even though it’s a video Isaac doesn’t blink or move a muscle. Most people say it’s obviously photo shopped.

Even if it isn’t photo shopped then Corey’s views on what happened that day don’t go with the pictures he’s sharing.

Like I said the dashcam’s digital clock read 7:20am.  This was just 2 minutes before Isaac died.  Corey said there were 2 teenagers who tried to stop Isaac from jumping. Where are they?  Why didn’t the guy in the military truck stop?  Where are all the witnesses?  Another thing Corey said was the guy who ran over Isaac stated there were 18 people on the bridge. I don’t see anyone there but Isaac.

In this picture of Isaac Kappy on the railing he is wearing a sweater or a blazer type jacket over his white shirt. Then they show pictures of when he has fallen. Don’t worry. I will prove to you they are fake.

Look at the places I circled. This is a mannequin. Not Isaac. Now back to the sweater or blazer he was wearing. Where did it go?  Did it fly off somewhere?

Corey mentioned the two teenagers (who later were called two college students) yet they are not mentioned or seen (even with blurred faces) in the police’s body cam footage on You Tube. Also a man supposed to have run over Kappy.  Why didn’t we see the police asking him questions at the scene of the crime?  Not a single witness was there to talk to the police. Not one.

More questions I have. Why wasn’t there a funeral?  Why didn’t his parents ID his body?  Why was Isaac’s mother only given his belt and his phone (according to Shark Belly Kelly)?  Why not give her his car, his clothes, his wallet everything he had? What happened to his car?

Why was the person who jumped from the bridge (on police scanner) identified as a 30 year old with a ponytail?  Isaac was 42 and his hair is big and curly. I don’t see how he could get it into a pony tail if he wanted to.

There was one caller to Corey Daniel who was a woman who said that Isaac can’t be dead because he called her that Monday night. Monday May 13th, 2019.  They were talking about Vegan Mikey and how they both got suckered out of giving money to him.

This lady didn’t see the news about Isaac’s “death” until a couple days after speaking to him. Very strange. Funny we are supposed to disregard that phone call as total nonsense but hold all the other ones Corey has told us about as gospel.  I’m not doing it.

I believe Isaac is alive and well and in the witness protection program.  Shortly after he “died” Jeffrey Epstein was arrested. Do you think that’s a coincidence?  I don’t.

Now Harvey Weinstein has also been arrested and much of Hollywood is, at the least, on house arrest with the Government disguising it as “quarantine” for the Coronavirus. Have you seen the ankle monitor that Ellen Degeneres has been wearing?

Tell me your thoughts. Watch my videos so you can see more reasons why I believe Isaac is still alive.


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