The Calm Before the Storm (Starting With Release of JFK Assassination Records)

Trump releases some, but not all, JFK assassination records

by TUT editor

ed note–rest assured that Israel is indeed discussed as the primary culprit in those pages which Trump held back, and rest assured as well that he is planning on using them to reign in Judea Inc, and especially Netanyahu.¬†

Keep in mind as well the timing in all of this–Trump launched this attack on Hollywood–beginning with ‘Hurricane Harvey’ just a few weeks before the release of these documents. As anyone who has read the definitive word on Israel’s role in the assassination of both the Kennedy brothers, ‘Final Judgment’ by the irreplaceable Mike Piper knows how deeply involved KEY players in Hollywood were not only in the media-managed cover up of the slaying, but in the planning and execution phases as well. This is indeed the ‘calm before the storm’ that Trump discussed just a few weeks ago with all his top military men standing at his side.

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